‘The Masked Singer’: 7 dumbest guesses so far by judges include Bjork as Flower, Zooey Deschanel as Tree

It’s understandable that the judges on “The Masked Singer” will make some unorthodox guesses as the identities of the show’s performers. They’re going off of vague clues (given in a distorted voice) as well as the performer’s figure and voice. However, some of their guesses are so out of left field that it actually makes your head hurt. With that in mind, take a couple of Tylenols and look at the seven most ridiculous guesses made the show’s judging panel: Robin ThickeJenny McCarthyKen Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger.

Bjork as the Flower (Ken)
This one is probably the guess that made me want to bang my head against the wall the most, made only worse by the fact that I’m a huge fan. It blew my mind how certain Jeong was about this guess because that would imply he was very familiar with the voice of the Icelandic goddess. When you hear how the Flower sings, even for just five seconds, it’s obvious that the voice does not match up with Bjork’s vocals AT ALL! With that being said, she would be perfect on this show and I hope we see her as one of the disguised singers in a future season.

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Jeff Foxworthy as the Eagle (Nicole)
We now know that the Eagle was actually Dr. Drew Pinsky, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nicole’s last-second guess for this performer flew in the face of everything we were told. For starters, the clue package heavily emphasized that the celebrity was someone who interviewed famous people which is something Foxworthy has never made a living doing. In addition, there was no sign of the comedian’s trademark southern twang in his voice.

Nathan Lane as the Skeleton (Jenny)
Lane is someone who has a voice that’s so distinctive, it’s instantly recognizable when he performs. It’s also a laughable theory considering one of the clues that the Skeleton gave was that he was tired of playing second fiddle, which doesn’t make sense for Lane since two of his three Tony Awards have been for LEADING Actor in a Musical (“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” in 1996 and “The Producers” in 2001).

Queen Latifah as the Panda (Ken)
Another instance of the predicted singer’s voice not matching what we had just heard, which turned out to be boxer Laila Ali. Additionally, the clue package mentioned that the Panda comes from the forest. Well, Queen is from New Jersey and while that may be the Garden State, it’s definitely not considered to be part of a forest.

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Diana Ross as the Butterfly (Nicole)
There’s no question that the Butterfly has an amazing voice and is someone of considerable talent, but Ross does not match this at all. Her voice also has a distinct pitch that we did not hear in that performance. Add to that the clue that the Butterfly has had success in many stages of life and while Ross did do a couple of feature films in the 1970s, she’s really mainly known as a singer.

Robbie Williams as the Leopard (Ken)
The Leopard had a grand baritone to his voice which does not match Williams’ voice at all, which has a higher tone to it and is much more in line with what a pop star’s voice sounds like. Plus, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say about Williams that all they want to talk about with regards to him is the celebrity aspect which was highlighted in the clues package.

Zooey Deschanel as the Tree (Nicole)
Again, the voice of the singer doesn’t match the guess at all. But none of the clues that we’re given make Deschanel an obvious assumption either. I’ve never thought of the “New Girl” star as someone who gets “put away in storage” when she’s when her time is up, as an “old-school entertainer” or someone who is only seen once a year. Seriously, I really don’t understand where Nicole got this idea from.

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