‘The Masked Singer’ episode 6 preview trailer: ‘Peacock is hittin’ on me!’ proclaims Nick Cannon [WATCH]

“Peacock is hittin’ on me!” proclaims Nick Cannon in Fox’s preview trailer for Wednesday’s sixth episode of “The Masked Singer” (watch above). The reality TV show has become a ratings juggernaut since its premiere last month, with many fans having fun speculating which well-known celebrities are hiding behind the masks. In the case of the Peacock, the consensus seems to be that it’s actually song-and-dance man Donny Osmond. Do YOU see any new clues in the video package?

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In Episode 6, two celebs from the first group (Peacock and Monster) will be joined by two from the second group (Bee and Raven). In addition to all four of them entertaining judges Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke with their solo numbers, they’ll also perform together as a group. (The other four costumed characters performed last week — read our recap here to see how things went down.)

Elsewhere in the preview trailer, Monster performs Lenny Kravitz‘s “American Woman” while hopping around the stage, prompting Jenny to shout out, “Look at him!” Based on all of the clues so far, including that one about him driving up “from the south,” our pick for who’s beneath the Monster costume is rapper T-Pain.

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Bee’s song of choice this week is also revealed in the preview trailer: Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball.” The panelists seem to be convinced that they know who’s inside the Bee costume. Could it be legendary singer Gladys Knight, who’s our prediction based on all of the clues? In the background of one of Bee’s pre-performance packages we saw pictures of peaches, hinting at Gladys’ hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Whichever singer is deemed the weakest by the judges and in-studio audience will have to unmask. Since all of the previous unmasked performers were not professional singers, that doesn’t bode well for Raven, who we think might be talk show host Ricki Lake. One clue that tipped us off: Raven’s first performance, “Rainbow,” helped her deal with the loss of her beloved, and Ricki’s husband Christian Evans died in 2017.

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