‘The Masked Singer’ Lion roars ‘California Dreamin’ and has one tough judge admitting, ‘I am shocked’ [WATCH]

Arguably the strongest singer on “The Masked Singer,” Lion returned in Episode 5 and roared “California Dreamin'” for judges Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke. Lion felt like she had a lot to prove because the last time she performed Nicole said that she didn’t think she was a professional singer. Well, Lion blew the roof off of the studio this week with her powerful rendition of the Sia cover song. Watch “The Masked Singer” performance video above.

“Uh … I am shocked,” admitted Nicole after Lion’s “California Dreamin'” rendition. “She can sang. And then from the vibrato I felt that I know this voice.” Hearing that, Lion took a bow as she’d just won over her toughest critic.

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Robin remarked that he was “very impressed” by Lion’s vocal choices, adding, “The great thing about you that a lot of singers know is sometimes you’re supposed to sing strong to compete with the music and sometimes the small, detailed subtleties is what really makes you a great singer. That’s what I noticed. You knew when to be strong, you knew when to be soft.”

Jenny joked, “You’re definitely a woman that can’t be tamed, I’ll tell you that. There was a clue with ‘Tik Tok.’ That’s a Kesha song, so maybe she collaborated with Kesha at some point, which leads me to nothing. I can’t think of anyone that did collaborate with Kesha, but I know that that’s a good clue.”

A physical clue was also revealed for the first time: a scrunchie. “It’s a family heirloom,” Lion teased. Unfortunately, that didn’t do much for the panel in terms of giving them any hints about who’s hiding behind the Lion mask. Do YOU know what the scrunchie might signify?

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