‘The Masked Singer’ controversy: 30% of fans say it’s ‘not fair’ for professional singers to compete against athletes, gamers [POLL RESULTS]

If you’ve been watching Season 2 of Fox’s wild and wacky reality TV show “The Masked Singer,” you’ve probably noticed an interesting pattern. The first four celebrities to be eliminated aren’t, shall we say, famous for their singing abilities. And the fifth, Paul Shaffer, is mostly known for being a musician as opposed to a chart-topping pro singer.

However, when we asked the show’s fans if they thought it was fair for people with music backgrounds to compete against athletes, gamers, talk show hosts, etc, the results were overwhelming. A whopping 70% of poll respondents proclaimed “YES it’s fair,” while only 30% voted “NO it’s not fair.” Do you agree or disagree with those poll results? Sound off down in the comments section.

As a reminder, last season three contestants with music backgrounds made it to the finale: winner T-Pain (Monster), runner-up Donny Osmond (Peacock) and third-place finisher Gladys Knight (Bee). However, celebs with non-music talents were booted early, including NFL player Antonio Brown (Hippo) and actors/comedians Tommy Chong (Pineapple) and Margaret Cho (Poodle).

Other than Shaffer, the four non-classically trained singers to be unmasked in this fall cycle have been figure skater Johnny Weir (Egg), gamer Ninja (Ice Cream), boxer Laila Ali (Panda) and talk show host Dr. Drew Pinsky (Eagle). Let’s face it, these folks never really had a fair shot at winning the competition when going up against such talented vocalists as whoever’s hiding behind the Flower, Butterly and Rottweiler masks, just to name a few who are likely professional singers.

What side do you agree with in this “Masked Singer” controversy? Here’s a sampling of comments from fans:

Tina: “Since nobody is forced to compete, I’d say it’s fair. Kind of like comedians and politicians competing on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ In the end, it’s more for ratings and fun.”

Lori-ann Pisciotta: “No more or less fair that dancers (or dance background) compete on ‘DWTS’ against athletes, public figures, older contestants and celebrities. It’s all an entertainment factor.”

Opinionmine: “As this is a show that does not allow public voting (was filmed months ago) and offers no prize for winning, what does it matter whether it is fair or not?”

Rick F.: “Since there is no actual prize other than a cheap trophy and bragging rights, I think it’s fair. If they received money, it would be different. Until then, keep the guessing and ratings wheel turning.”

Janice: “Obviously there’s a couple I would have kept but I wasn’t voting. I know they can’t do this live obviously, but, its just a thought so viewers could vote too. But, I do love the show and look forward to it.”

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