‘The Masked Singer’ Peacock: 4 reasons why I think Donny Osmond is hiding behind those purple feathers

Earlier this season I had a heated debate with our “The Masked Singer” live-blogger Denton Davidson about who’s really hiding behind the Peacock costume on Fox’s reality TV show. He was convinced it was Donny Osmond and I was sure it was Neil Patrick Harris. Well, because the clues just keep stacking up in Donny’s favor, I’m hereby conceding to Denton and changing my guess to the legendary song-and-dance man. Scroll down to see my four reasons why I now think Donny is hiding behind those purple feathers.

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1. Sibling rivalry
About a month ago Donny’s sister Marie Osmond was on “Access Live” and she may have accidentally let it slip about Peacock’s true identity. Marie confirmed to the hosts that Donny was five years old when he started performing, which was one of the show’s clues. She then rolled her eyes and added, “I told him, ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?’” Marie quickly tried to save herself by stuttering, “I don’t know,” but the damage was already done.

2. Don’t ignore Jenny
Donny is the overwhelming pick of most “The Masked Singer” fans for who’s inside the Peacock costume, but what really sold me was when judge Jenny McCarthy guessed him. Don’t forget, back in Episode 2 Jenny was the only panelist who correctly picked that Tommy Chong was actually the Pineapple. Nicole Scherzinger had guessed Kid Rock, Ken Jeong had named Jimmy Buffett and Robin Thicke had went out on a limb for Sugar Ray Leonard. So you should listen to Jenny now when she says “I think Donny Osmond” is Peacock.

3. Reality veteran
Donny is no stranger to reality TV. He previously appeared on “Fear Factor” and then went on to win the ninth season of “Dancing With the Stars.” He’s also hosted unscripted programs such as “Pyramid” (2002-04), “The Great American Dream Vote” (2007) and the 2008 Miss USA pageant. In other words, something like “The Masked Singer” would be right up Donny’s alley. If he’s not hiding behind the Peacock mask, something tells us he’s calling up Fox right now to ask about auditioning for Season 2.

4. Clues, clues, clues
Some of the clues on “The Masked Singer” are blatantly obvious — such as when Ricki Lake, as Raven, said that she’s still mourning the loss of her ex-husband. In that same vein, many of Peacock’s clues point directly to Donny. He started performing when he was five. He was a teen idol. He’s had many incarnations of his career. He starred in dramatic roles on Broadway. He’s performed magic. To paraphrase the old saying, when you hear squawking, think Peacock.

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