‘The Masked Singer’ Peacock guesses: 72% of fans say Donny Osmond, 24% pick Neil Patrick Harris [POLL RESULTS]

It’s a landslide! In our recent poll that asked for YOUR final guesses for who’s hiding inside the Peacock costume on Fox’s reality TV show “The Masked Singer,” a leading 72% said Donny Osmond. So far Jenny McCarthy is the only judge on the Donny bandwagon, but he seems to fit every single clue so far. Rounding out our poll results, 24% said Neil Patrick Harris is actually the Peacock while 4% said it’s someone else entirely. Find out Peacock’s true identity when the two-hour season finale of “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday, February 27 at 8/7c.

In last week’s semi-finals episode, Peacock performed Calvin Harris‘ “Let’s Go” and was voted into the top three along with Monster and Bee. After the panelists praised the performance, Jenny noted, “There’s so many clues, okay? Hosted awards shows, likes magic, a child prodigy — I still think it could be Donny Osmond. But when you think you know, then some other clue happens and you know that you’re wrong and it just drives you crazy.”

Nicole proudly stated that she finally recognized Peacock after being “stumped” for so many week, saying, “I think we [know each other]. I’m just gonna say, it could be Neil Patrick Harris.” But Robin Thicke thought Peacock was an out-of-the-box choice, Weird Al Yankovic, after hearing that he used “Blurred Lines” as an inspiration for one of his songs. “You just gave me too good of a clue,” declared Robin.

Here’s what some of our savvy readers had to say about Peacock’s true identity:

Bonnie Wolfe: All the clues lead me to Peacock being Barry Manilow, not Donny or Neil.

Lorie Schroeder: Peacock is Donny Osmond … having been an Osmond fan for over 40 years I know Donny’s voice and it is him.

Kate: You guys it’s 100% Donny. In a recent clue package on the table was a framed picture of the Angel Moroni, which is a clue to Donny’s being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Sherri Winsor: I believe Donny Osmond. I grew up on watching the Donny and Marie show when I was very young.

Melanie Taylor: He said he was 5’11” in one clue. Donny is that exact height. Neil is shorter. Weird Al is taller. Every single clue fits Donny which makes me want to think it is a trick but the clues seem to fit too perfectly.

Moira Hewitt: I have been a Donny fan forever and I know its him!

Kymbra Ahmad: The peacock is Barry Manilow. His biggest hit song was “It Could Be Magic.” The peacock is a gay male. He had a huge female base. All of the clues are pointing to him.

Dave Norberte: The Peacock is Alphonso Ribiero, by the way he dances.

Karen: Absolutely 100% Donny … the voice and the dance moves are ALL him, not to mention, EVERY clue points to him.

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