‘The Masked Singer’ poll results: Lion, Bee or Peacock deserves to win Season 1, declare viewers

While America is obsessed with finding out who’s behind the masks on Fox’s reality TV show “The Masked Singer,” it’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, this is a singing competition. With that in mind, which costumed celebrity do YOU think deserves to win Season 1 because they have the strongest voice and the best stage presence? You may be surprised by the results of our recent poll!

After the eliminations of Hippo (Pittsburgh Steelers football player Antonio Brown) and Pineapple (comedy legend Tommy Chong), there are only 10 singers still in the competition: Alien, Bee, Deer, Lion, Monster, Peacock, Poodle, Rabbit, Raven and Unicorn. Of those, only three received double-digits in our poll. Lion roared with 40% of the vote, Bee buzzed in at 19% support and Peacock plucked off 15% of the results; the others all nabbed less than 10%.

Back in the season premiere of “The Masked Singer,” Lion performed Fergie‘s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” and had everyone on their feet. Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy wondered whether Lady Gaga could be hiding under the Lion mask, to which Ken Jeong responded, “It’s someone hella legit. It’s just gotta be.” Robin Thicke thought that Lion used to be in a girl group, a la Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls or Fifth Harmony. Since Lion says that she’s “Hollywood royalty,” that has many fans speculating that she could be Rumer Willis.

As for Bee and Peacock, the thinking among viewers is that Bee could be Gladys Knight and Peacock might be Donny Osmond. Some of Bee’s clues are that she has a “long career” and she started singing in the 1950s. As for Peacock, he admitted to performing since he was five and that he’s in a well-known family of singers. Bee performed Sia‘s “Chandelier” in the second episode while Peacock took on Hugh Jackman‘s “The Greatest Show” in the premiere.

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