Missed opportunity? ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 should be airing LIVE on Fox, and here’s 4 reasons why

The wildest and wackiest show on television, Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” is back for Season 2 and two costumed celebrities have already been unmasked: Ninja as Ice Cream and Johnny Weir as Egg. Of course, many obsessed fans who troll the internet for spoilers already knew weeks in advance these would be the first two reveals of the season. Why? Because unlike many other rival reality TV shows — looking at you, “Dancing with the Stars” — “The Masked Singer” does NOT air live.

Let’s face it, in this era of Peak TV there’s still something special about watching a show live as it’s happening. That’s why I’ve come up with four reasons why “The Masked Singer” should air live next season:

1. Less spoilers!
As mentioned above, so many of this season’s unmaskings have already been spoiled in advance thanks to loose-lipped audience members who attended the tapings. While Fox assures us that everyone must sign a non-disclosure agreement, there’s simply no way to prevent people from creating secret Twitter handles to spoil what they know. If “The Masked Singer” were to go live, that would completely eliminate spoilers since the studio audience would be finding out the celebs’ identities at the same time as viewers sitting on their couches.

2. At-home voting!
One thing that irks fans of “The Masked Singer” is that they’re not allowed to vote for their favorite performers each week. Instead, that honor is given to the studio audience who attended that week’s taping and judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. If Season 3 were to air live then at-home viewers would get to cast their votes via phone call, text message, social media, etc, and actually have a say in who’s eliminated each week and who ultimately wins. It’s a concept that’s worked for “American Idol” since 2002, so why not “The Masked Singer”?

3. No do-overs!
Despite producers claiming no one lip-syncs and “they only had one take each,” airing live would be the only way to prove it. With a pre-taped series there’s always the possibility that the contestants messed up and had to re-do their performances — viewers would never know. Contrarily, with live episodes of “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent,” fans rest easy knowing what they’re seeing is authentic and not edited in any way.

4. More excitement!
It’s simple, really: live shows are just more fun to watch. The idea that audiences at home are watching live as a singer steps out onto the stage and belts out a performance makes us feel like we’re part of the experience. Sure, things can always go wrong with a live show, but that’s just part of the excitement. Do YOU think “The Masked Singer” should air live next year? Sound off down in the comments section.

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