This is the massive star ‘The Masked Singer’ wants next season and is (probably) not going to get

Now that Monster has won “The Masked Singer” and was unmasked as T-Pain, it’s time for a new guessing game: Who will be under those insane costumes in Season 2? The second season of the Fox breakout hit is in the early stages of casting, but obviously TPTB are obviously shooting for even bigger stars for the next go-around, and executive producer Craig Plestis has one pie-in-the-sky name in mind.

“I could tell you one name I would love to get but I don’t think we’ll be able to get,” Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter. “I would love to get Barack Obama. So if you’re listening, Barack…”

The POTUS can definitely carry a tune (and slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon), but at least Plestis knows that one is a bit out of reach for now. He’s also ruled out someone who has done “The Masked Singer” before on the Korean original, Ryan Reynolds, who went on as Unicorn last year while promoting “Deadpool 2.” He already did it once, I don’t think he wants to do it again,” Plestis said.

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Plestis and his fellow producers are currently in talks with “big and unexpected names,” made easier by the fact that some starts have reached out to the show now that it’s captured America’s imagination. The goal, he added, is not just to get A-listers, but to make sure fans are surprised when the stars are unmasked.

“It’s not so much about is it Brad Pitt underneath the mask or the level of A-list celebrity versus another level,” he said. “It’s more about, ‘Oh my gosh! I didn’t know they could sing,’ or if they were a professional singer, ‘I didn’t know they could sing that type of music.’ I really want to have the idea of the unexpected to happen when that mask comes off. If we can surprise people, we’ve done our jobs as producers.”

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Producers are looking across “all spectrums of talent” for people. Nearly half of the first season’s cast was comprised of musicians, including the entire top three of T-Pain, Donny Osmond (Peacock) and Gladys Knight (Bee), but that doesn’t mean they’ll overlook professional crooners in Season 2. “We are looking at everyone from people who have worked in TV who are Emmy winners; to get more Grammy winners; and people who star in movies,” Plestis said. “It goes into that right combination when we look at our whole cast. Is it well-rounded with enough people?”

He added: “We’re open to every level. As long as they’re passionate, they want to do it. They’re going to have to wear these heavy outfits and for X-number of weeks and it give it their all.”

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