‘The Masked Singer’ winner T-Pain (the Monster) responds to Jenny McCarthy’s guess that he’s Michael Vick: ‘I love my dogs!’ [WATCH]

Of all the judges’ dumb guesses during Fox’s reality TV show “The Masked Singer,” this one may go down as the dumbest.

After Monster was revealed as the winner of Season 1, each panelist made their final prediction for who was hiding inside the one-eyed teal costume. Robin Thicke guessed Jamie Foxx, Ken Jeong went with Darius Rucker, Nicole Scherzinger chose CeeLo Gree, Kenan Thompson opted for Tyrese Gibson and Jenny McCarthy picked … wait for it … Michael Vick. When Monster removed his confetti-covered mask to reveal rapper T-Pain, he responded perfectly to Jenny’s outlandish guess by saying, “I love my dogs!” Watch the “The Masked Singer” video above.

“What stuck with me was that you went through some ups and downs in your life and wanted to come back with a new image,” Jenny explained before making her final guess. “Maybe people perceived you as a monster but you’re not really a monster. And the only person that came in my head is Michael Vick.” Vick, a former football star, went to prison after admitting his involvement in a dog fighting ring.

“What?” Kenan asked Jenny after visibly doing a double-take. “Michael Vick?!” Ken shouted over the audience’s groans. Host Nick Cannon added with a chuckle, “This would be quite the story of redemption if this is Michael Vick.” Jenny responded that she didn’t know whether Michael was even a singer, but that “this show has thrown me so many times.”

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In Jenny’s defense, she did correctly predict the other two unmaskings during Wednesday’s season finale: Donny Osmond as Peacock (who came in second place) and Gladys Knight as Bee (who came in third place). Those were also our readers’ final picks, with Donny receiving 72% of the vote for who’s the Peacock and Gladys earning 70% of the vote for who’s the Bee.

“Sorry I thought you were Michael Vick,” Jenny told T-Pain while wincing, but the show’s champion clearly had no hard feelings. As for why he signed up for “The Masked Singer” in the first place, T-Pain explained, “I didn’t have a chance to come into the game with my natural voice [because of Auto-Tune]. This helped me get my voice out there even more.”

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