‘The Simpsons’ shocks by winning Emmy for Best Animated Program at Creative Arts ceremony

The Simpsons” added to their long-standing record for most wins in the Best Animated Program category when they picked up their 11th trophy at Saturday night’s Creative Arts ceremony for the episode “Mad About the Toy.” The victory was a shocker since the show was ranked last in our predictions center with 9/2 odds of winning.

In the episode, Grandpa is babysitting the kids when he gets freaked out by the sight of some plastic green Army men. This leads to the family finding out that he had modeled for the infamous toy and also got the photographer, who was gay, fired from the shoot. Grandpa then seeks to find the man and make things right.

The favorite in this category had been Netflix’s “BoJack Horseman,” which topped our predictions center with 10/3 odds of pulling out a win, with the episode “Free Churro.” It was the show’s first nomination after years of being snubbed. BoJack gives the eulogy at his mother’s funeral. He uses the time to reflect on the toxic relationship he had with both of his parents, how a Jack in the Box employee showed him more compassion than his mother ever did, how life is a lot like the show “Becker” and the enigmatic meaning of his mother’s final words, “I see you.”

“Bob’s Burgers” had been in second place in our combined predictions with 39/10 odds of winning for the episode, “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now For Now.” The show previously picked up two wins in this category in 2014 (“Mazel-Tina”) and 2017 (“Bob, Actually”). In the episode, Tina falls for a boy she accidentally bumps into who is on his way to audition for the boy band, Boyz 4 Now. Determined to find him, she disguises herself as a boy and goes to the audition in search of her new love only to fall for every other boy she comes in contact with. Back at the restaurant, the family is forced to care for a baby rat and fall in love with the rodent in the process.

The raunchy puberty-driven comedy, “Big Mouth,” was in third place in the predictions center with 4/1 odds of coming out on top. They submitted “The Planned Parenthood Show.” The kids give Coach Steve an entertaining lesson on all the services that Planned Parenthood offers. Among the skits the kids come up with are a “Bachelorette” style dating show where a girl chooses her preferred method of contraception, a woman remembering her experience getting an abortion to the tune of “Groove is in the Heart” and a black-and-white horror film about an STD called “blue waffle.”

The predictions center had “Adventure Time” in fourth place with 9/2 odds of being victorious. The show had won twice in the Best Short-Form Animated Program category in 2015 (“Jake the Brick”) and 2017 (“Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources”). The show submitted their series finale, “Come Along With Me.” A pair of best friends in the future learn about the Great Gum War between Princess Bubblegum (with Finn and Jake the Dog by her side) and Gumbald. The battle is prevented from taking place but the Land of Ooo is attacked by GOLB and only defeated when Betty merges with the being. The two friends in the future then find the tree that sprouted after the battle and one removes a sword from it in the same way that Finn normally did in the show’s opening credits.

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