The Trilogy (‘World of Dance’) could be ‘something special,’ but Jennifer Lopez isn’t sure if they’re ready for a sequel [WATCH]

The emotions often run high on “World of Dance,” and the second round of Qualifiers was no exception. The Trilogy closed the show, but before the contemporary trio took the stage we learned how much one member had been through on his road to the competition. His younger sister had died of a heart condition known as Brugada syndrome, and eventually his father died suddenly of the same illness. But despite the intense emotion that went into their performance, the judges had mixed feelings about their routine. Watch them above, and see what the judges had to say below.

Ne-Yo: “One of the things I like about this trio is that it makes for the capacity for some really interesting transitions, which you guys absolutely used. I loved the transitions, they were seamless. A lot of really clean and beautiful pictures. If I had to critique anything, I would say just doing the lifting, I don’t ever want to see the effort on your faces. As far as I’m concerned, she’s lighter than air. Should you guys make it to the next round, it’s something to keep in mind.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I really liked this too. I liked this configuration. I thought your barrel jumps were gorgeous. You caught a lot of air on them. Some of the transitions were good, and some of them were a little bit bumpy; if you’re going to do that many lifts, then you have to be super solid on all of them. But I felt the emotion of it. I felt that you guys are all really good dancers. I’m interested to see, if you go through, how much more you have … I’m not sure if they’re ready.”

Derek Hough: “I think it was really creative. The choreography was very thoughtful and compelling to watch, and it catches us off guard. You did that amazing extension — you leaned out, and then I’m like, ‘That’s cool.’ And he picked you up — sensational. It would have been a little bit better too if you didn’t touch the ground at all. That’s being really nitpicky, but I think it’s just that next level of making it a little bit more solid, polished. I think this could be something really special.”

The Trilogy needed an average of 85 or more to qualify for the next round of competition, and they just squeaked by. They scored 85 from Lopez and a pair of 87s from Ne-Yo and Hough, giving them an average of 86.3. Did you agree with those numbers, or did they deserve higher for their elegant routine? Vote below.

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