‘The Voice’ battle: Blake Shelton gets jealous after Gwen Stefani admits she ‘cannot keep’ her eyes off of Will Breman [WATCH]

During Monday’s exciting “The Voicebattle between Jared Herzog and Will Breman, the romance between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani was tested after Gwen made this honest confession: “Will, I cannot keep my eyes off of you. I cannot stop staring.” That’s when a jealous Blake chimed in from his chair, “Hey, hey, hey, hey!” The two artists battled to “Treat You Better” for Team John Legned, but which artist did John choose to advance to the Knockouts and who’d he send home? (Here’s a hint: Gwen is no doubt going to be very happy.) Watch “The Voice” battle video above.

Gwen continued praising Will by saying he has a “really crazy energy on stage and it’s so bold.” The rock star coach continued, “My mouth was on the floor going, what is happening right now? Who is this guy that was just so different and unique? Even though Jared, you are so gifted, in this moment I just couldn’t stop looking at Will. Amazing, incredible.”

When it was his turn to critique the performances, Blake joked, “I also find you both very sexy.” Even though he thought Jared did a “great job” on the song, Blake admitted, “The problem is Will. I mean, this guy is just unbelievable, man.”

After hearing out all of the coaches, it was time for John to make his decision. “Part of it’s just my own preference as far as vocal style and vocal ability. Part of it’s just kind of the charisma and star power,” he stated. “The winner of this battle is Will.” Can Will now go on to become the second winner for Team Legend after last year’s champ Maelyn Jarmon?

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the battle: “In the battle Will was certainly more animated than Jared so I’m thinking his performances choices were the risks he was willing to take. At times it registered as comical and try-hard, but the coaches were eating it up and it set him apart from the more expected composure of Jared. Vocally both guys knocked it out of the park, putting John in the awkward position of realizing he already used his only save. Gwen was fully engaged with Will’s ‘bold’ stage energy, but she and Kelly also really enjoyed Jared’s range and volume. John based his decision on his own taste in vocals and on the star power he exuded: Will!”

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