‘The Voice’ blind auditions Night 4: Will anybody take a country artist other than Blake Shelton? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

It seemed on Monday night’s episode of “The Voice” that Blake Shelton might actually lose out on a country artist. All four coaches turned their chairs for Dexter Roberts and made passionate plays. But he, like virtually every other country singer in all of these seasons, selected Team Blake. Will Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine or John Legend ever be able to convince a country contender to choose them over Blake during the blind auditions?

Shelton is a six-time champion over the course of the past 15 seasons. Both he and three-time winner Levine have never missed a cycle of the Emmy-winning program. Clarkson has reigned for the past two seasons. Legend is a brand new addition.

All throughout this season, we will continue our tradition of updating live blogs while each episode is airing for the east and central time zones. Follow along below and keep refreshing during the two hours. Make your own comments about which artists you like and don’t like for this winter/spring cycle. Read our full minute-by-minute analysis for Monday, February 25, Tuesday, February 26 and Monday, March 4.

When the battle rounds begin later this month, Season 16 advisors will be Charlie Puth (Team Adam), Khalid (Team John), Kelsea Ballerini (Team Kelly) and Brooks and Dunn (Team Blake).

And now follow along and refresh our live updating blog below for the Season 16 battle round Night 4 on Tuesday, March 5:

8:00 p.m. – Tonight more hopeful artists take “The Voice” stage, but teams are filling up fast. John has seven artists on his team while Blake has six; Adam and Kelly have five each. Who will score tonight’s best artist? Let’s get started!

8:08 p.m. – The first artist to take the stage is Betsy Ade, a 40-year old rock singer from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Betsy is a struggling musician doing double duty as a single mom. Betsy’s first instinct is to choose Kelly as her coach, but her son is hoping John turns around. Singing “Hunger,” Betsy instantly displays a voice that’s sharp as a knife. With her own style and stage presence, Betsy adds something completely different to the season. We could use more female rockers on “The Voice.” Midway through the performance, John turns his chair shortly followed by Adam. Is Betsy’s son’s dream about to come true? Adam and John both shower her with praises, but the choice is clear. Betsy joins Team John!

8:15 p.m. – The next artist is Dalton Dover, a 20-year old machine operator from Aragon, Georgia. Dalton dropped out of school and got married when he was just 17, but he has kept his family together against all odds. Now, he’s hoping he can provide a better life for his family with a career in music. Singing “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” Dalton’s voice fills the room with his rich, country tone. It’s no surprise that Blake quickly perks up and turns his chair while Dalton finishes up the song. With no options to choose from, Dalton instantly joins Team Blake! I would watch out for Dalton, he could be a dark horse.

8:30 p.m. – Up next is an 18-year old bundle of nerves, Rebecca Howell. Rebecca has an incredible rasp for her age and when she begins singing “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” I almost thought it was Miley Cyrus‘ voice. Kelly was quickly the first to turn her chair, followed by Blake. Rebecca continues on displaying a controlled voice, but I don’t feel like we’re seeing the best of her. John throws his hat in the ring with a chair turn to make this a three-coach fight. The coaches are a little more enthusiastic about Rebecca than I am at this point, but after careful consideration, the country singer shocks every and joins Team Kelly.

8:35 p.m. – Midway through tonight’s episode we meet 19-year old Kendra Checketts from San Diego, California. Kendra began singing at age four and music was her outlet while her father suffered serious health issues throughout her childhood. Dad is doing just fine now, so don’t shed too many tears. Now let’s see if Kendra can make it on the show! Singing “Sober,” Kendra shows off a solid pop voice and Blake turns his chair within seconds. I like the edge in Kendra’s voice and it’s powerful without sounding too forced. For the second time tonight, Blake goes unopposed and Kendra is on Team Blake!

8:45 p.m. – The next artist tonight is J.T. Rodriguez, a 28-year old fitness coach from Chattanooga, Tennessee. When J.T. was eight years old his parents divorced and he turned to food, gaining a lot of weight. As an adult he grew to appreciate fitness, but music is his first love. This audition could be the beginning of a new life. Singing “Higher Love,” J.T. has a laid back approach, but his annunciation is a bit contrived. I love this song, but I’m not a fan of his interpretation. He’s just doing too much. I guess the coaches agreed with me because nobody turned around. Lucky for J.T., Bebe Rexha does see something in him and invited him to “The Comeback Stage.”

8:59 p.m. – Tonight’s final performer is LB Crew, a 29-year old from Little Rock, Arkansas. LB grew was influenced to sing in church and for the last few years he’s been singing with his brothers. LB’s younger brother is having some health problems so LB hopes this stint on “The Voice” will provide some hope and inspiration. Singing “Waves,” LB initiates chair turns from Kelly and Blake within seconds. LB has that ability to insert natural, unforced runs into his phrasing that gives me goosebumps like all the best church singers. Soon, he opens up to show off a sheer power to his voice as well. John and Adam both join the party and we’ve got a four-chair turn! The coaches are all on their feet. This is going to be a fight for LB! Kelly is taking her earrings out to prepare to fight. The range, depth and tone of LB is complimented all around, but it’s time for LB to make a decision. LB will join…Team Adam! Finally, Adam wins a four-chair turn and he’s back in the game! That’s a wrap for tonight.

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