‘The Voice’ blind auditions: Which coach is best for Night 2 on Tuesday in Season 16? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The first night of Season 16 for “The Voice” on Monday was one of the best blind audition openings in many years! EGOT champ John Legend joined the Emmy-winning program to compete as a coach against two-time reigning champ Kelly Clarkson, six-time winning coach Blake Shelton and three-time champ Adam Levine. Which of the coaches is doing the best so far for this newly-started season?

All throughout this season, we will continue our tradition of updating live blogs while each episode is airing on NBC at 8:00 ET/PT and 7:00 CT. Follow along below and keep refreshing during the hour. Make your own comments about which artists you like and don’t like for this winter/spring cycle. Read our minute-by-minute analysis from Monday, February 25.

Legend just became one of only 15 EGOT winners this past September for producing the variety special “Jesus Christ Superstar.” He was an advisor on a previous season of “The Voice” and was unusually tough on the competitors (most advisors are quite soft and gentle). How will he do in obtaining singers for his team and what approach will he take to try and win this season?

When the battle rounds begin weeks from now, Season 16 advisors will be Charlie Puth (Team Adam), Khalid (Team John), Kelsea Ballerini (Team Kelly) and Brooks and Dunn (Team Blake).

And now follow along and refresh our live updating blog below for Tuesday, February 26:

8:00 p.m. – Artists have traveled from all over for the chance on “The Voice,” stage! We expect the great auditions to continue on the second night of Blind Auditions. It all starts right now!

8:10 p.m. – The first artist of the night is 18-year old Domenic Haynes from Tampa, Florida. The track & field athlete suffered a career-ending injury while running the 400-meter dash and decided to give music a shot. He describes himself as a novice and is convinced if he can get a chair to turn around it will be confirmation he’s headed in the right direction. His coach of choice? Probably John Legend. Singing “River,” Domenic’s unique raspy tone convinced Adam to turn his chair within seconds, quickly followed by John who failed to realize that he was blocked! John obliviously danced along before realizing he had no shot with this prodigy! At the last moment, Blake turned a chair as well. This is the third time John was blocked in two episodes! John complimented his tone and musical choices. Adam felt bad for blocking John, but not that bad. He said Domenic might be his favorite singer in all 16 seasons of “The Voice.” That’s quite a compliment! Blake says every muscle in Domenic’s body creates that sound. Kelly calls Domenic a natural-born storyteller. After careful consideration, Domenic decided to joins Team Adam!

8:20 p.m. – Up next on this night is 17-year old Savannah Brister from Memphis, Tennessee. She says she’s terrible at being vulnerable and letting people see what’s behind her smile, so she decided to start songwriting to release everything going on in her head. At the end of the day, she wants to be herself and share that message with the world. Singing “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” Savannah’s sultry vocals earned a chair turn from John before the music even started. Next to turn was Kelly. Savannah knows how to scale the notes like a pro and I love her effortless range, but Blake and Adam didn’t turn around. Will she choose John or Kelly? Kelly called Adam and Blake disrespectful, but Adam said he specifically didn’t turn around because he is intimidated by John. Kelly thinks Savannah’s runs are incredible and would love to see her conquer the competition. John loved Savannah’s performance and says she put her own stamp on the song with daring musical choices. With Adam’s endorsement, Savannah decided to join Team John!

8:30 p.m. – At the midway point through tonight’s episode, history is made on “The Voice” with the first trio! Singing “Closer to Fine,” two women and one man sing with beautiful harmony to solicit turns from both Kelly and Blake. Both coaches are thrilled by this trio of siblings called The Bundys. Kelly impressed the family with her mentions of Eva Cassidy and Fleetwood Mac, impressing upon them how much she loves harmonies. Blake admits a trio is not what he bargained for, but he loves their country harmony and family sound, begging for them to choose him as their coach. After huddling up to discuss their options, the Bundys decide to join Team Kelly!

8:40 p.m. – Next up is 20-year old Klea Olson from Clayton, Utah. She grew up in a musical family, singing at weddings and church, but decided to pursue a degree in marketing because she didn’t believe she could make a career in music. Her father convinced her to follow her dreams so now she’s at “The Voice” hoping to learn from some of the greatest mentors she could ask for. Singing “No Roots,” Klea has an interesting indie vibe with unique delivery. The coaches look perplexed as Klea belts out a note completely off-key. She’s an interesting performer, but this vocal performance just wasn’t good. No chairs were turned. Lucky for Klea, Bebe Rexha has chosen her for the comeback stage.

8:50 p.m. – The next singer is 18-year old Hannah Kay from Magnolia, Texas. She’s had a crush on Blake since she was six years old and has always known she wanted to be a singer. In seventh grade she was bullied and had no friends until she met her best friend, but sadly she was killed in a car accident last year. Hannah is singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” in hopes of bringing classic country to today’s generation. Not long into the performance, both Blake and Kelly turned their chairs. Hannah is giving a nice performance, but I’m not sure her tone is unique enough to stand out in the competition. She’ll have to step it up if she wants to move forward, but for now, Hannah has chosen to join Team Blake!

8:59 p.m. – Tonight’s final singer is a charismatic 25-year old named Julian King from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aside from being extremely impressive at double-dutch jump rope, Julian went to a prestigious performing arts high school and is an accomplished dancer as well. In 2017 he honed his skills as a performer touring China and tonight he’s ready to take his career to the next level. Singing “All Time Low,” Julian inspired an instant turn from John who blocked a furious Adam! Payback! I’ve been watching this series for a long time and I’ve gotten pretty good at picking artists who can go the distance. Julian is here for the long haul! This kid has an elastic voice, a great stage presence and already makes interesting song choices. I’m shocked Kelly and Blake failed to turn around. They’ll regret that. With Adam blocked, Julian immediately joins Team John! That’s a wrap for tonight’s episode. Tune in next week for more Blind Auditions.

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