‘The Voice’ head-scratcher: Why did Kelly Clarkson have such a hard time assembling her Season 16 team?

Kelly Clarkson is coming off back-to-back triumphs on “The Voice” with Brynn Cartelli (Season 14) and Chevel Shepherd (Season 15), so why did she have such a hard time assembling her Season 16 team?

Throughout “The Voice’s” just-concluded blind auditions, the original “American Idol” winner pushed her “I Want You” button 28 times, far more than rival coaches Adam Levine (20 times), John Legend (25 times) and Blake Shelton (26 times). Kelly’s team of 12 was finally completed on her 28th chair turn, which means a whopping 16 artists denied her by picking someone else, resulting in this season’s lowest success rate of 43%.

One of the reasons Kelly turned her chair around so much was because she desperately wanted to mentor a male country singer. Unfortunately, the majority of them went over to Team Blake, per usual. Once Blake’s team was full, Kelly and Adam fought over country artist Andrew Jannakos, but he picked Team Adam. Lightning finally struck for Kelly when Alabama native Jackson Marlow (nephew of Season 13’s Red Marlow) graced the stage. Since Kelly was the only coach left at this point, she excitedly pushed her button and welcomed Jackson to her team, making him the final artist to audition this season.

A personal highlight for Kelly in the blinds was when she scooped up four-chair turn artist Jej Vinson. All four coaches were fighting hard for this 22-year-old Filipino pop singer, but he went with Kelly after she pitched to him that he’d stand out on her mostly-female team. She wasn’t exaggerating. Besides Jackson and Jej, Kelly’s only other solo male artist this year is David Owens, but he didn’t have any other options since she was the only coach to push her button.

Kelly’s notable claim to fame this season is that she’s now the only coach in “Voice” history to mentor a trio — The Bundys — a sibling group consisting of two sisters and one brother. Can they enter the record books and be the first group to prevail? Rounding out Kelly’s Season 16 team are Mikaela Astel, Alena D’Amico, Karen Galera, Beth Griffith-Manley, Rebecca Howell, Abby Kasch, Rizzi Myers and Presley Tennant.

Here’s a closer look at how all four coaches fared during “The Voice” Season 16 blind auditions:

*Kelly brought in 12 singers from 28 chair turns, a 43% success rate

*Blake added 12 team members from 26 chair turns, a 46% success rate

*John scored 12 contestants from 25 chair turns, a 48% success rate

*Adam acquired 12 artists from 20 chair turns, a 60% success rate

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