‘The Voice’ live Cross Battles are broken — Here’s how to fix them before next season

“I have no idea how this is even fair at the end of the day.” That’s what “The Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson said midway through Tuesday’s results episode of the live Cross Battles when two completely different artists were forced to face off against each other. We couldn’t agree more, Kelly. This brand new round of the reality TV competition is broken, for several reasons, but it doesn’t have to be. Below I lay out the best way to fix the live Cross Battles before next season of “The Voice” airs later this fall.

It’s simple, really. The rules should be tweaked so that the four coaches — Kelly, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Adam Levine — can only use their Saves and Steals at the conclusion of the entire round. That way they’d be able to properly size up all of the at-risk artists from both weeks before making their career-changing decisions. If the coaches had until the end of the Cross Battles to choose whom to Save and Steal, they wouldn’t have to risk wasting a power early in the competition only to regret it later if someone even better was eliminated.

Case in point: Abby Kasch and The Bundys from Team Kelly both ended up being eliminated based on America’s overnight vote. Since Abby’s elimination was revealed first before the family trio even came out on stage, that meant Kelly had to risk using her Save on Abby before she even knew if The Bundys would need it minutes later. If “The Voice” producers had switched these two reveals around so that The Bundys’ fate was revealed first, would Kelly have used her one and only Save on them instead of Abby? We’ll never know.

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Then there’s LB Crew, who was eliminated despite giving a powerhouse performance for Team Adam. Since Adam had already used his Save the previous week on Domenic Haynes, that meant LB was out of luck. Again, just playing devil’s advocate for a moment, if LB and Domenic had flipped weeks then it’s likely Adam would have saved LB instead, which meant Domenic would have gone home.

Wouldn’t this live results show would have been greatly improved if the coaches had to pick between all of their at-risk artists at the end of the night, as opposed to making haphazard decisions in the moment? Think about the drama, the strategy, the excitement! Give us your thoughts by sounding off down in the comments section.

After two weeks of live Cross Battles, “The Voice” fans are overwhelmingly unhappy with this new stage of competition. In fact, a whopping 79% of poll respondents voted they want the show to bring back the Knockouts next season. Here’s a brief selection of what our readers had to say:

Robbie Hayes: “Not enough Saves and Steals for the next rounds may lose the real winner.”

Theresa Johnson: “I like the new format but I feel since there are two nights of performances each coach should get one Save and one Steal per night. That’s unfair to the second night’s performers.”

Dianne: “Hate the Cross Battles. Saves and Steals get used up on first round and none left for second. Not fair to the second round of singers.”

Ettalee: “The old saying of, ‘If its not broke don’t fix it’ – why oh why did they butcher this show?”

Jae: “If two mediocre artists are paired, one will go through to the finals. If two great artists are paired, a great artist will get eliminated.”

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