‘The Voice’ Top 10 power rankings: Katie Kadan and Jake Hoot are clear frontrunners, but Ricky Duran is a serious threat

Gwen Stefani lost another artist as Tuesday’s results episode of “The Voice” narrowed the field down from 11 to 10 hopefuls. Gwen’s Myracle Holloway was defeated by Team Kelly’s Shane Q after both artists delivered stunning performances in the instant save. Ultimately, both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend‘s artists remain untouched and unbothered all heading in to the Top 10 while Gwen and Blake Shelton move forward with two artists each.

Now that we have seen three live performances from each artist and have more insight on how they performed on the Apple Music streaming charts, we can better predict which artists should cruise in to the Top 8 after the next week of performances. After the artists perform again on Monday, December 2, the public will vote. The seven artists with the most support will move on, leaving three to sing Tuesday, December 3, for the instant save. Only one of those artists will earn enough support to join the Top 8 and the other two will be eliminated.

Below we rank the top 10 from best to worst, pinpointing the eight we think will advance on the public vote and then the two we imagine will sing for the instant save.

1. Katie Kadan (Team Legend)
(Top 20 performance: “Always Remember Us this Way,” Top 13 performance: “I’m Going Down,” Top 11 performance: “Without You”)

Coach John encouraged and was pleased with Katie stepping out with a straight forward ballad this week, but unfortunately it didn’t work out as well as I think he’d hoped. While Katie does have a powerful and often great voice, she got through “Without You” mostly in a fit of screaming notes rather than really living that performance. That being said, the results speak for themselves and Katie was the top performer with Apple Music streams this week, thanks in large part I think to the popularity of her song.

2. Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)
(Top 20 performance: “You Lie,” Top 13 performance: “Danny’s Song,” Top 11 performance: “Every Light in the House”)

What I will say for Jake is that he’s by far the most consistent artist this season, but Kelly said something important for him to remember: he can’t bank on the audience remembering last week and needs to deliver a vocal worthy of a frontrunner every week. He was really good this week, but it wasn’t a standout moment even if he did become the most streamed artist for the second week in a row. I find it curious that they don’t announce him as safe early in the results episode and I think it insinuates that his raw vote totals aren’t as strong as his streams. A chink in his armor? Maybe!

3. Ricky Duran (Team Blake)
(Top 20 performance: “Small Town,” Top 13 performance: “You Are the Best Thing,” Top 11 performance: “Downtown Train”)

Ricky getting the encore spot in the performance show is maybe the most surprising development of the season, but then he goes and makes the most of the situation with the best performance of the night and that becomes the most surprising development. Is he the finalist no one saw coming? Starting to think yes ma’am! Another strong showing next week and I think he’s in!

4. Rose Short (Team Gwen)
(Top 20 performance: “What Have You Done For Me Lately,” Top 13 performance: “I Turn to You,” Top 11 performance: “Maybe I’m Amazed”)

Of everyone in the competition, I think Rose has amassed the best song selection in these three weeks of live shows. She’s managing to showcase how her voice translates well into a variety of genres while also picking major songs by major artists. I mean, Whitney + Christina + McCartney is a terrific combo, right? This week I thought she was terrific when previously I was down on her chances of staying in the competition so now I’m starting to think she’s a dark horse candidate for a spot in the finale.

5. Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)
(Top 20 performance: “Hello,” Top 13 performance: “Mamma Knows Best,” Top 11 performance: “The Middle”)

If Hello Sunday continues to have fun with their song selection and performances then I think they’ve secured themselves a spot in the finale. They’re unlike anyone else in the competition and that has to be scoring them a ton of points with the audience. To me, they’re a breath of fresh air among a season of artists that lack the kind of star quality we’re used to on the show. For that reason the lack of polish associated with their youth is forgivable because they easily give us the most while they’re on stage.

6. Marybeth Byrd (Team Legend)
(Top 20 performance: “Love Me Like You Do,” Top 13 performance: “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” Top 11 performance: “Stars”)

I think it was a smart move for Marybeth to push herself with a big song this week, but she may have miscalculated her ability to nail this particular vocal. I still think she’s one of the strongest in the competition. She has control, is comfortable and remains confident on stage which are areas where too many of her competitors struggle, giving her an instant leg up. Obviously song selection is a key factor in everyone’s progress, but it’s especially important for her because I think she has a real shot at reaching the finale.

7. Will Breman (Team Legend)
(Top 20 performance: “Style,” Top 13 performance: “I Won’t Give Up,” Top 11 performance: “Light My Fire”)

I’m frustrated that Will doesn’t seem to have resonated with the audience as well as his talent deserves. In my opinion he’s one of the better soft rock artists the show’s seen in a few years and prior to the live shows I expected him to be a frontrunner of the season. Based on the first few weeks of streaming that just doesn’t seem to be the case. My only guess is that his quirkiness on stage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but like honestly can everyone just sit back and take a sip?! I want to see him do something small and low key next week.

8. Kat Hammock (Team Blake)
(Top 20 performance: “God Only Knows,” Top 13 performance: “Danny Boy,” Top 11 performance: “I’ll Fly Away”)

With better song selection Kat could be a shoe-in for a spot in the finale, but she and Blake have, in my opinion, struggled to find the best song for her. This week’s “I’ll Fly Away” was solid, if not way too quiet to actually rank as a top tier performance. The key to Kat’s success hinges on getting a standout performance under her belt before the finale and she’s quickly running out of weeks to get that.

9. Joana Martinez (Team Gwen)
(Top 20 performance: “You Can’t Stop the Girl,” Top 13 performance: “Get On Your Feet,” Top 11 performance: “Dreaming of You”)

Though Joana probably gave us her best vocal performance so far this season, her rendition of the Selena classic lacked the emotional energy that a song like that requires. I fear that she’s just not resonating with the audience as a performer, perhaps because of a lack of charisma and stage presence. I also wonder if song selection is a factor here and Gwen is making a mistake by pigeon-holing her with back to back Latin music classics. But after having to sing for the save once, that she managed to escape danger this week is a good sign.

10. Shane Q (Team Kelly)
(Top 20 performance: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” Top 13 performance: “My Wish,” Top 11 performance: “Mercy”)

Shane had his best week in the Top 11 by a mile so I can’t help but feel sad that I have to rank him last, and likeliest to be eliminated next week. My concern with predicting him to make the next stage is how inconsistent he’s been and while I thought “Mercy” was an improvement on his past performances I think he still lost control of the song toward the end of it. The coaches continue to be concerned about his confidence and unless he can reign that in then he’s only got another week left in the competition. But if he does anything again like he did with “Jealous” to win the instant save then watch out!

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