‘The Voice’ Top 13 power rankings: We rank all 13 remaining artists from best to worst

The Top 13 artists for Season 16 of “The Voice” will compete for America’s votes on Monday, May 6. For the first time, eight artists were voted into the Top 13 by viewers at home, regardless of which team they were on. Then, each coach had an opportunity to save one artist from their team and LB Crew won the Comeback Stage to claim his spot. Team Blake Shelton had the strongest showing, advancing six artists. Team John Legend currently has three members remaining while Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Adam Levine each have two.

Monday is “Fan Night,” meaning the artists will each perform a song chosen for them by the fans. Then, on Tuesday, May 7, the seven artists with the most votes will automatically advance to the Top 8. The three artists with the fewest votes will instantly be eliminated, leaving three in the middle of the pack to compete for the Instant Save. In our power rankings below, we make an attempt to predict who will stay, who will go and who will win the Instant Save. It’s our Top 13 artist rankings, from best to worst, at this point late in the season.


1. Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)
On Tuesday’s results show, Gyth was named to top streaming artist for his Top 24 performance of “I Want to Be Loved Like That.” It’s tough to argue against the one metric we have to go by at this point. That, along with his good looks and contemporary country sound make him the biggest lock to advance to the next round.

2. Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)
Maelyn’s Top 24 performance of “Fallingwater” wasn’t her most memorable, but she’s been one of the most consistent and impressive artists of the season. She’s filled with confidence when she hits the stage and her ability to deliver top notch vocal performances with passion and precision never fails.

3. LB Crew (Team Adam)
I’m going to go out on a limb here and saying LB’s early elimination two weeks ago was a fluke. He tore the house down with his Comeback Stage performance of “Electric Feel” and he’s undoubtedly one of the best pure singers this season. He deserves to sail into the next round and I believe viewers will get it right this time.

4. Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)
Country music fans are a powerful voting block on “The Voice” and Dexter is about as pure country as it gets. His performance of “Ain’t Nothing ’bout You” was by-the-numbers country and clearly viewers responded when they voted him into the Top 13. I don’t expect him to go anywhere anytime soon.

5. Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)
I was surprised to see Carter get voted through in the Cross Battles and once again into the Top 13. At this point, I have to believe there is an audience that sees more in him than I do. He’s a young, country-rocker who probably has the teen vote on lock and pulls wise moves to target older audiences like his recent performance of “Heartbreak Hotel.”

6. Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)
Everything I said about Dexter could be said about Andrew, but he’s been a little less memorable for whatever reason. I actually think Andrew is the more dynamic vocalist and his performance of “Boots On” proved he can jam with the best of him.

7. Kim Cherry (Team Blake)
Kim isn’t the best singer in the competition, but her energy is infectious and her hybrid performance that intertwine wrapping with pop vocals is something fresh on a series that is 16 seasons in. Her shtick may eventually wear on people, but for now people are just enjoying the fun she brings to the stage each week.

Instant Save Performers

8. Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)
Jej began this season as a front-runner to win it all, but failed to earn enough votes to make it into the Top 13 with his performance of “Love Lies.” Jej needs to lean into his personality a bit more because there are other singers who can belt as well as he can, but this kid has star power. I think if it comes down to a Twitter save, Jej can squeak through.

9. Shawn Sounds (Team Legend)
Shawn is unquestionably one of the best singers this season, but I haven’t been impressed with his song choices. While “Higher Ground” proved that he can sing anything, it’s tough to cover Stevie Wonder without sounding a bit karaoke. And quite honestly, I don’t think the “The Voice” audience has proven to support multiple R&B singers in recent seasons.

10. Rod Stokes (Team Kelly)
I may be underestimating Rod since he was voted into the Top 13 on his own merits, but I don’t think this country singer is as comfortable on stage as three I’ve already mentioned above. His powerful, raspy tone is impressive but he lacks stage presence. For that reason, I think he could be vulnerable and struggle with Twitter voters if forced to compete for the Instant Save.


11. Oliv Blu (Team Blake)
I love what Oliv brings to the show, I’m just not sure there is a big enough fan base for her heavily jazz-influenced delivery. “The Girl From Ipanema” was one of my favorite performances of the Top 24, yet Blake still had to save her. She may just be too much of a niche performer to win over a mainstream audience.

12. Celia Babini (Team Legend)
Celia in a young, passionate performer who has definitely won the respect of the judges. Her coach went crazy for her performance of “The Chain,” but I don’t think audiences are as impressed. Her indie-rock vocal style can come across as forced at times and she’s simply not one of the top vocalists this season.

13. Mari (Team Adam)
Mari is a gorgeous performer who has a clear passion for what she does, but I’m not sure she’s ready for this stage of the competition. Her vocals have been hit or miss and Adam has been terrible at helping her with song choices. For that reason, I think Mari will likely be heading home.

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