Get ready for ‘The Voice’ twist that ‘no one will see coming’: Will Knockout rounds be replaced by [SPOILER]?

At the end of Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” viewers witnessed an ominous preview trailer that teased, “In two weeks … a twist … no one will see coming.” With the final two Battle rounds of Season 16 airing next Monday and Tuesday, that would mean, per tradition, that the Knockout rounds begin Monday, April 15. Well, we have another theory. For the first time ever — POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! — might the Knockouts be replaced by a brand new twist called the Live Cross Battles? If so, this round has the ability to completely re-invent NBC’s reality TV show.

Several other versions of “The Voice” around the world have already instituted the Live Cross Battles, with “The Voice: Holland” being the first. Instead of the normal Knockout rounds, when two artists from the same team face off head-to-head and their coach determines who stays (and who goes), the Cross Battles invite two artists from different teams to duke it out on live TV with the at-home audience voting their favorites into the Finals.

This exciting twist was used in Seasons 4-5 of the Holland edition, as well as Season 4 of China, Seasons 5-7 of Brazil, Seasons 5-6 of Romania, Seasons 3-5 of Greece, and Season 7 of Thailand. It’s somewhat surprising that it’s taken the original U.S. version so long to incorporate the Live Cross Battles, but perhaps the coaches’ busy schedules have always prevented them from appearing live at this earlier stage. Might the stars have finally aligned in “The Voice” Season 16?

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At the end of the current regular Battle rounds, each coach — Adam Levine, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton — is expected to still have eight artists apiece on their teams, creating a Top 32 heading into the next round. That number includes the artists they personally advanced, plus anyone they stole from rival coaches during the Battles. This season’s Comeback Stage coach Bebe Rexha will also bring one previously eliminated artist into the Finals.

According to “The Voice” ticketing website 1iota, the first two live shows will take place extra early this season, on Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16. That could means fans will see a performance Cross Battle episode followed by a live results show that reveals America’s choices. What do you think of the idea of the Live Cross Battles on “The Voice”? Sound off down in the comments section.

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