‘The Walking Dead’ death watch: 5 characters who won’t survive the Season 9 finale

The death toll on “The Walking Dead” Season 9 has been staggering. Gregory (Xander Berkeley) was executed. Jesus (Tom Payne) was murdered. Saviors were gunned down and burned alive. In addition, main cast members Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan were written out of the series. My “walker-sense” is tingling and telling me there will be more bloodshed before the season finale, which is scheduled to air March 31 on AMC.

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With the ruthless Alpha (the Emmy-worthy Samantha Morton) on the prowl, Team Family should be quaking in their boots. We’ve watched Alpha murder her own people, abuse her daughter, and abandon a baby to the zombies. It stands to reason that a major conflict will erupt during the last two episodes of the season, and not everyone will survive. After all, the series has a habit of killing off characters in each season’s penultimate episode or the finale. These are the five characters most likely to fall to The Whisperers before Season 9 reaches its conclusion.


After spending the first half of the season on the back-burner, Rosita (Christian Serratos) has found herself in the middle of a major side plot after the time jump. She’s found happiness in an unexpected relationship with Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) but is also carrying Siddiq’s (Avi Nash) baby. The three have worked to shove the awkwardness of the situation aside and raise the child together. But such a harmonious modern family can never be expected to last on “The Walking Dead.” Since Rosita’s death would affect the most people, she is the most likely to exit the series.

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I’m still shocked that all of Magna’s (Nadia Hilker) group has survived so many episodes. It’s rare for new groups to stay intact for long, so one of them is bound to bite it soon. The most likely candidate is Luke (Dan Fogler). He’s a compassionate music lover and fans have responded well to the character, but he possesses no real combat or survival skills. Busy actor Dan Fogler also has a major role in the “Fantastic Beasts” film franchise, so the showrunners could have planned for this role to be a one season stint all along.

Tammy Rose

Brett Butler has proved to be an awesome addition to “The Walking Dead” cast. Her Tammy Rose has popped off the screen since her first appearance, and she makes a meal out of every scene. But there has been an increased focus on Tammy Rose, and the joy she finds in caring for the Whisperer baby. When a side character on this series suddenly received increased attention, die-hard viewers know they should be incredibly concerned for said character’s safety. We saw how Tammy Rose fiercely protected her husband and new baby against a zombie horde, which could foreshadow a future act of self sacrifice.

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Plenty of viewers have proclaimed Henry (Matt Lintz) as “Carl 2.0.” Indeed, the writers have given Henry most of Carl’s story-line from the graphic novels. So seeing as Carl is still kicking in the comics, Henry should be safe, right? Well, Henry differentiates himself from Carl by making one boneheaded move after another. His stubborn defense of, and obsession with, Lydia (Cassady McClincy) continually puts him in danger. There have been other horny teenagers on the show acting stupid, but only one of them is hopelessly in love with the daughter of the series’ most savage villain to date.


I’ve already mentioned potential death for Carol’s (Melissa McBride) son, but her husband is in danger as well. The series showed its hand early that they wanted to position Carol as leader of The Kingdom. She currently reigns alongside her king, Ezekiel (Khary Payton). The Kingdom has been imperiled as of late, however. Food and resources are scarce, and the king is unsure of the best ways to keep his community together. With Alpha looming outside the walls, a major confrontation is imminent. The best person to battle an unfeeling vicious creature like Alpha is Carol, a former one-woman army who has laid waste to countless Terminus cannibals and nasty Saviors. After finally finding love, the death of her husband at Alpha’s hands would push Carol over the edge and set up one of the most epic rivalries the show has ever seen.

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