‘Top Chef’ 16: Eric and Michelle tie for most deserving to win, but poor Adrienne gets zero love [POLL RESULTS]

There are just three more episodes to go on Bravo’s “Top Chef” Season 16 before the finale set in Macau, China airs on March 14. Tonight, one of the five chefs left will be leaving on episode 13, which is devoted to the theme of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig.

Those who answered our poll gave us a big whopping clue about who they think that person might be. Adrienne Wright, a Boston-based chef, is the only player left who has never won an Elimination Challenge. And for the past two weeks, she earned back-to-back low scores. Maybe a extreme change of venue will put her back on her game. She got a goose egg, nada, zilch, zero votes.

Somewhat surprisingly, D.C.-based chef Eric Adjepong, who has claimed the prize in three Elimination Challenges and has never received a low score, is tied with  Bay-area chef Michelle Minori, each getting 29% of the vote. She returned to show last week after her  commanding “Last Chance Kitchen” win. She only did OK with the dishes she served, but has shone on and off during the season.

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There is also a tie for second place, as Alabama native Kelsey Barnard Clark, a restaurateur and caterer, and Sara Bradley, who hails from Kentucky, both got 21% backing. That is a bit surprising, considering Clark made some rookie mistakes last week, like not geting all the shell pieces out of her canned crab. Meanwhile, Bradley rose to the occasion, winning her first Elimination Challenge just when it counted most.

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Tune in to see if Adrienne can redeem herself and whether Michelle can get back into the groove in the nick of time and make her fans proud at 8 p.m. ET/PT on an episode titled, “Holy Macau!”


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