Nothing’s cooking when the power goes out on this week’s ‘Top Chef’ episode 8 [WATCH]

The chefs are not just split into two teams on “Top Chef” Season 16, Episode 8. They are preparing party food aboard side-by-side houseboats at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, which is considered the houseboat capital of the world. Initially, the outdoorsy activity seems to agree with them and but not the size of the galley. Eric Idjepong is especially excited since has never been on a lake before.

As seen in this preview video clip (watch below), everything seems to be smooth sailing as the chefs are tasked to prepare party food for 100. Eddie Konrad, who won the beef challenge last week with his take on updated Polish food, seems to have matters under control as he places shrimp and shishito peppers on skewers.

Michelle Minori is swiftly slicing onions. She is inspired by her mother, who made onion dip for every party. She’s making potato-chip-crusted sea bass with an onion dip.

David Viana, who had major problems last week with his cold smoked tatare, is determined to get his entire dish done this week, especially since he says what he is making is difficult and time-consuming. And that is when the lights flicker out and the stove turns off. There is tons of cooking still left to be done. As David rightfully observes, “If the power doesn’t come back on, we are screwed.”

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Meanwhile, as the “Top Chef” preview trailer showed last week, Adrienne Wright may end up suffering from seasickness and might not even be able to serve her food. If you thought the way that the chefs mishandled their super-fresh cuts of beef last week was a sin, this week might equal a sink.

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