What’s on the menu for ‘Top Chef’ Season 16 finale? Catch all the hot details here [MINOR SPOILERS]

Bravo’s popular reality cooking series “Top Chef” has two more episodes to go before its Season 16 finale airs on March 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The most recent show on February 21 had the five remaining chefs – the last man standing, Eric Adjepong, as well as female contestants Sara Bradley, Kelsey Barnard Clark, Michelle Minori and Adrienne Wright — saying good-bye to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Meanwhile, Minneapolis resident Justin Sutherland had to pack his knives and vamoose. Scroll down for more minor spoilers about the rest of the season.

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Their next stop on episode 13? The Chinese territory of Macau. Judge Graham Elliot, who has a restaurant there, will introduce the chefs to new world of flavors and ingredients on the February 28 episode. The final five will be throwing a party to celebrate Chinese New Year and one will be cut.

On the March 7 episode, durian fruit – the foul-smelling  ingredient that is often a favorite way to  throw contestants on a cooking show for a loop – will be-devil the four remaining players. As for the Elimination Challenge, the players will have to blend their own heritage with Chinese flavor.

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Then, on March 14, the 16th season will conclude with three remaining chefs tasked with making the best four-course meal of their lives. Meanwhile, that meanie Tom Colicchio will reveal that only two players will get to serve their full menu, while only one chef will be declared the winner.

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