‘Dancing with the Stars’ alum Trevor Noah calls out Sean Spicer for politicizing the show: ‘He does not deserve to win’ [WATCH]

Many “Dancing with the Stars” fans are frustrated by the continued presence of Sean Spicer despite his poor dancing, and now Trevor Noah is calling him out for turning the show into a political culture war to benefit himself. The “Daily Show” host discussed the former White House press secretary’s unlikely rise. And why does Noah care about what happens on the dance competition series? Because Noah competed on the South African version of the show back in 2008 and finished second. Watch his segment above.

The casting of Donald Trump‘s truth-averse mouthpiece was so controversial when it was announced over the summer than even “DWTS” host Tom Bergeron made a rare public statement crying foul. He wanted the show to be a relief from the “exhausting political climate,” and he thought Spicer’s presence would be too divisive. He was right.

Sean “Can’t we all get along” Spicer himself told Fox News that he also wanted to escape politics with his appearance on the show: “I think too much of what we have in this country right now is every conversation has to turn into politics.” But then he went on far-right Breitbart News to enlist the support of conservatives against mean liberals supposedly trying to keep him down: “People want to see me advance not because of me in particular … but I think that they feel the cause. That one of their own, one of us, has an opportunity … and it’s not just the loudest voices on the left that get to dominate.” He added, “There’s a lot of folks on the left that don’t believe that people on the right have a place in what they consider their society.”

Let’s put aside for a moment his use of the insidious phrase “one of us” at an outlet linked to white supremacy. Fomenting partisan rancor and playing the victim to rally his base against imagined liberal persecutors is an effective political tactic — I wonder where he might have learned it from — and it has turned out to be just as effective for a goal as petty as trying to win a reality competition show. Owning the libs is certainly an effective distraction from the fact that, whatever his politics were, he can’t dance, and he keeps advancing through the competition while better dancers (including Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Karamo Brown) are eliminated before him.

“I know Sean Spicer technically isn’t breaking any rules,” admits Noah. “But he is ruining ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for a lot of its fans who genuinely love to watch good dancing. Because this is not supposed to be about politics. It’s about talent. And a guy who dances with the elegance of a dial-up modem logging into AOL does not deserve to win … Back in South Africa, I was lucky enough to be a ‘Dancing with the Star’ … and I’m proud to say I kicked ass because I worked hard at it.”

Noah concludes the segment by challenging Spicer to a dance-off in the parking lot. Watch until the end of the clip to see Noah strip down to a leopard-print leotard. If that were one of the dance-offs on the show next week, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

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