Unity LA’s ‘World of Dance’ Duel ‘Hurts’ so good, but did they pick the wrong song? [WATCH]

Ashley and Zack are on the road to redemption this season on “World of Dance.” The contemporary duo were eliminated last season, but they came back for revenge this year as part of a team of dancers known as Unity LA. Judging from their first two rounds of competition, the group has the potential to bring them where they couldn’t get to on their own: the million dollar World Final — just as long as they pick the right songs. Watch their Duels routine above, and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to let us know what you thought.

Unity LA have left nothing to chance. They received such a high score during the Qualifiers that they got to pick their opponents, and they went with the lowest scoring team in the Upper Team Division, Style and Grace. If that wasn’t enough, Zack revealed that Unity LA came to the competition with 10 routines already prepared. The one they went with for the Duels was a high-impact number to “Hurts” by Emile Sande that was relentlessly paced from beginning to end. The judges gave it a standing ovation. The only problem was the music.

Actually, Jennifer Lopez was the only judge who expressed misgivings about the song choice. “The only reason I didn’t stand up at the end,” she told them, “is because of the music. The music didn’t take me there.” The dancing clearly made up for it, though, since Lopez gave the performance a score of 97 while Ne-Yo gave it a 96 and Derek Hough gave it a 98, resulting in an average of 97.0. They won their Duel by a substantial nine points, and Lopez’s criticism actually made Zack more confident. Now that he has a better idea of what she’s looking for, he has another routine that he thinks will be just right.

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