VPeepz were ‘perfect’ during the most savage ‘World of Dance’ Duel yet [WATCH]

“They look a bit like they want to go home,” said a member of VPeepz about their rivals Battle Droids Crew during the “World of DanceDuels on March 24. Them’s fighting words, but that was just the tip of the iceberg during the most savage Duel of the night in which the two teams traded merciless taunts throughout their face-off.

VPeepz were one of the highest scoring groups in the Junior Team Division coming out of the Qualifiers, so they got to choose their opponents for the Duels, but that kind of overconfidence can backfire, as we saw in spectacular fashion during the Upper Division Duels last week. Were VPeepz as tough as their talk? Watch their performance above and see what the judges had to say about their routine below.

Ne-Yo: “First and foremost, your precision is literally dancing with one brain, everybody doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. Top notch.”

Jennifer Lopez: “That was the thing that stood out the most to me. I was like, ‘Is it perfectly clean, every single step right now?’ And you guys were hitting it so hard. And that’s what I look for too: can you keep up the intensity, and you guys absolutely did … I always think of dance as a sport and dancers as athletes, so I loved this whole theme because at the end of the day this is a competition, and that was the spirit that I got from this routine.”

Derek Hough: “I loved the robot burn … There were a few mishaps. The young lady with the leg up here — if you’re right dead center in the front, there can’t be any wobble, alright? But overall, y’all did your thing. Y’all did it.”

The high-scoring front-runners in the Upper Division seemed to be cursed last week, but VPeepz backed up their taunts on the dance floor (except that one mistake). They received an average judges’ score of 92.7, besting the Battle Droids with their score of 90.3. And while that score would have been good enough for the Droids to compete in a redemption dance in the Upper Division, it turned out not to be enough in the highly competitive Junior Team Division, and they were eliminated outright. I guess these weren’t the Droids we were looking for.

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