VPeepz (‘World of Dance’) achieved an almost unprecedented feat during the Cut [WATCH]

The Junior Team Division hip-hop crew VPeepz have flown a bit under the radar this season on “World of Dance.” They got the second highest Qualifiers score for their division (90.3), behind the heartwarming Crazy 8’s. Then they won their Duel against Battle Droids Crew, but only by about two points (92.7 to 90.3), and they only had the fourth highest score out of the six teams that made it to the Cut. So I wasn’t prepared for what they delivered in the latest round of competition and the history they made with their scores in the process. Watch their performance above.

Their performances have been strong thus far, and their first two scores were consistent, but clearly they’ve been holding out on us because their Cut routine to Billie Eilish‘s “&Burn” was the best they’ve ever been, and I think it was one of the best hip-hop routines we’ve seen all season, even though they didn’t have the kinds of death-defying tricks that other teams like The Kings have shown off. But what they lacked in high-flying maneuvers they made up for with clockwork precision, and the relatively relaxed beat of the music accentuated their perfectly synchronized movements.

The performance received 98s from Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough and a perfect 100 from Ne-Yo, giving them an average of 98.7, so even though they were the first junior team to perform it was obvious that they would sail on through to the next round, the Divisional Final. Will they sail to a win there too? Only one other junior team has ever scored a perfect 100: The Lab, who ended up winning the entire show last season. Those are some big shoes to fill — well, technically little shoes since they were just kids too — but VPeepz might have just positioned themselves as potential world champions.

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