‘World of Dance’ also-rans Ashley and Zack are back for season 3, and this time they brought backup [WATCH]

Remember Ashley and Zack? Derek Hough‘s former colleagues competed on “World of Dance” season two last summer, advancing all the way to the Divisional Final but suffering defeat at the hands of Michael Dameski. Well, Ashley and Zack are back, and they’ve brought backup. Watch their performance from Qualifiers 3 above, and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to let us know if you thought they were the best of the night.

As an adult duo, Ashley and Zack competed in the Upper Division for acts aged 18 and older with up to four members. But this year they’ve got a lot more than four, so they’re vying for the world title in the Upper Team Division. They and eight fellow contemporary dancers make up Unity LA, and they’ve clearly grown since competing on the show last year. Their performance to “Indestructible” by Robyn prompted a standing ovation from all three judges, who were especially impressed by the musicality of their movements given the difficulty of dancing to a song driven mostly by violin and vocals.

“This is an amazingly dynamic, strong group of dancers … It was out of this world,” said Jennifer Lopez. And Hough added, “That routine was everything and more.” Their scores reflected that. Lopez gave them a 94, Hough gave them a 95, and Ne-Yo gave them a whopping 97, resulting in an average 95.3. That was the highest score of the night and the third highest score of any performer during the Qualifiers, behind only The Kings (97.7) and Lauren Yakima (95.7) during the season premiere episode. Indestructible indeed.

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