‘World of Dance’ behind the scenes: The Main Guys were as good backstage as they were in front of J. Lo [WATCH]

It takes a lot of work to become a world-class dancer, and that’s certainly true of the Main Guys, who performed on “World of Dance” during the third week of Qualifiers. But they were just as good backstage as they were on the main stage. NBC has released an exclusive online video giving us a behind-the-scenes look at their rehearsal and comparing it side-by-side with the performance they gave for the judges and the studio audience. Watch it above.

The Main Guys are a hip-hop crew from Norway who wanted to change perceptions about their home country. As it turns out, there’s a lot of swagger in Scandinavia. Jennifer Lopez loved the unique flair they brought to hip-hop and described them as “swaggy, easy and cool.” And Derek Hough thought they “absolutely crushed that routine.” They ended up scoring 89 from both Lopez and Ne-Yo, and a 91 from Hough, giving them an average of 89.7.

They’re off to a great start, but the Duels are up next, so they mustn’t get overconfident. As great as their score was, it left them in the middle of the pack in the Upper Team Division (acts aged 18 and over with more than four members). They had the 5th best score out of the 10 teams who qualified. Everyone starts with a clean slate going into the Duels, but four of the teams in their division have already outscored them, and if the Main Guys are outscored by their opponents this next round, it’s all over for the Nordic standouts.

Do you think the Main Guys will remain after the next round, or will they be let down?

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