New ‘World of Dance’ front-runner? J. Lo thought Julian and Charlize’s Duel was ‘nasty,’ ‘nuts’ and ‘grimy’ [WATCH]

There’s so much hip-hop on “World of Dance” that it all tends to blend together. But during The Duels 3, when the Junior Division dancers went head-to-head, the viral duo of Julian and Charlize stood out. They’re popular online, so that might have intimidated the rest of their competitors; no one challenged them for a Duel even though they were on the bottom half of the Junior Division leaderboard after the Qualifiers. So they ended up battling the contemporary trio The Trilogy by default. How did they do? Watch their performance above, and read what the judges had to say about them below.

Jennifer Lopez: “The choreography there, the musicality was so nuts. Did you choreograph this? Oh my God, you couldn’t have a better partner than you have in that girl right there … You are so nasty, you are so nuts. It was grimy and kind of like — it was everything! … So in the pocket.”

Derek Hough: “I could not take my eyes off you. You were unbelievable, Charlize … I don’t even want to look at my face during that routine. The whole time I was like [makes stank face]. That’s a routine that I want to rewind over and over again to watch the intricacies. If you blinked, you’re going to miss it. That’s how thoughtful it was … You guys crushed it.”

Ne-Yo: “First and foremost, it was Duel Mentality 101. I love that. But it was just enough burns. It wasn’t so many burns that it was like, ‘Okay, we get it.’ It was just enough.”

Julian and Charlize ended up blowing The Trilogy off the stage. In the Qualifiers they only scored an average of 87.0, but in the Duels they got a whopping 95.3, beating The Trilogy by more than five points. That was the third highest score recorded by any Junior Division act all season. The only two that were higher were both posted by contemporary soloist Lauren Yakima, who Julian and Charlize had the good fortune not to face in this round. Did you think they gave the best performance of the night? Vote below in our poll to let us know.

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