‘World of Dance’ judge Ne-Yo spills the beans on Jennifer Lopez’s snacks and Derek Hough’s selfies [WATCH]

“In-between the acts is where we tend to have the most fun,” says “World of Dance” judge Ne-Yo in a new behind-the-scenes video from NBC’s dance competition series. What does he have to say about his fellow panelists Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough and their quirky habits while they all wait to be wowed by acts from around the world. Find out above.

J. Lo‘s phone is pretty much always in her hand,” Ne-Yo reveals. “If it’s not her phone, it’s a snack of some sort, or she’s being groomed.” Nice work if you can get it. Meanwhile, “Derek is either sneaking a selfie of J. Lo, which is kind of creepy, or he’s finding a reason to get up out of his seat.” And it’s not just between the performances that Hough’s happy feet get restless. He’s been known to leap onto the stage to dance with the contestants themselves, to show them a thing or two or maybe just because the “Dancing with the Stars” alum can’t resist an opportunity to perform.

Ultimately, Ne-Yo says, “I love working with those guys. It’s always a lot of fun … It’s family at the end of the day.”

“World of Dance” aired its first two seasons during the summers of 2017 and 2018. It returned for its third season on Tuesday, February 26, in advance of its move to its regular Sunday night time slot on March 3. The show consists of five rounds — Qualifiers, Duels, Cut, Divisional Finals and World Final — after which one act will win the million-dollar grand prize. Let’s hope they don’t run out of snacks.

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