‘World of Dance’ Upper Team Division poll: Do The Kings deserve to rule with an iron fist?

The Qualifiers are over on “World of Dance,” which means it’s time for the Duels. This round will pit the 10 qualifying acts in each division against each other in head-to-head match-ups, which means half of the field will be gone by the end of the round. The five winning performers will advance to the Cut, while the five losing performers will be eliminated. So who do you think deserves to win the Upper Team Division? Scroll down to vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

It might be tough to get past The Kings. The hip-hop crew from India came out of the gate on the very first night of the competition and put down the highest average score of any act in any division during the Qualifiers: 97.7. “World of Dance” tends to favor hip-hop performers — seasons one and two were both won by hip-hop acts — and since the competition showcases so many contestants in that style, it’s even more impressive that this group stood out with moves we’ve never seen before. Whoever faces them in the Duels should beware.

If anyone can give them a run for their money it might be Unity LA, who performed in the third and final week of Qualifiers and are as clean and precise in the contemporary style as The Kings are in hip-hop. And they have another advantage: their team includes Ashley and Zack, the duo who competed on the show last season and made it all the way to the Divisional Final. Let’s hope The Kings and Unity LA aren’t pitted against each other in the Duels because it would be a shame to lose either outstanding team so early.

Check out all the Upper Team Division competitors who qualified for the Duels and the scores they earned during the Qualifiers below. Who among them do you think deserves to win? Let us know in our poll.

1. The Kings — 97.7
2. Unity LA — 95.3
3. Fuego Dance Crew — 93.7
3. The Heima — 93.7
5. Main Guys — 89.7
6. Exiles — 88.0
6. Radiance — 88.0
8. Siudy Flamenco — 86.7
9. Motiv Crew — 85.7
10. Style and Grace — 85.0

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