‘World of Dance’ previews a battle of the sexes: Radiance channels Ariana Grande, but Main Guys are unleashed [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

The “World of Dance” Duels are over on Sunday night, April 7, when the Upper Team Division contenders go head-to-head in single-elimination battles, and NBC has given Gold Derby an exclusive look at one of those battles. Watch the all-female contemporary team Radiance take on the all-male hip-hop crew Main Guys above.

Radiance really leans into their girl-power dynamic by dancing to Ariana Grande‘s “God is a Woman” and really channeling that song’s confidence and sensuality. And they seem to address the judges’ complains from their Qualifiers performance, which Derek Hough thought lacked a central focal point and Jennifer Lopez criticized for lacking some kind of story as an emotional hook. This time they create shapes and synchronize movements around a fierce central dancer really that really give them a strong visual and emotional energy.

But in terms of coordinated movements, it’s hard to beat the five guys in Main Guys. Their hip-hop routine to DMX‘s “X Gon’ Give it To Ya” makes them seem like they’re all part of the same central nervous system. It’s not perfectly clean — there’s one big forward flip that lands awkwardly — but they get bonus points for innovation when they pull out leashes on one member like he’s a rabid dog.

So who wins? We don’t hear the judges’ comments or scores in the preview clip, and it’s hard to guess who the judges like better in general based on the two teams’ scores from the Qualifiers. Main Guys came out of that first round as the fifth ranked group in the Upper Team Division with an average score of 89.7, but Radiance weren’t far behind, tied for sixth with their score of 88.0. But from the judges’ reactions during these performances, it sounds to me like it might be ladies’ night.

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