‘World of Dance’ preview: The judges lose their minds over this Qualifiers performance by The Kings [WATCH]

World of Dance” premieres its third season tonight with the Qualifiers, but even though this is the very first week of the very first round of competition, we’re already seeing the kinds of performances that could win the World Finals. Case in point: The Kings, a hip-hop troupe from India who represent the Upper Division (age 18 and up with five or more members). Their performance is so death-defying that the judges just about lose their minds. Watch NBC’s sneak peak of that performance above.

Sometimes on “World of Dance” it’s almost as fun to watch Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo react the performances as it is to watch the performances ourselves, and this is no exception. Ne-Yo and Hough burst from their seats and scream like they’re at a professional wrestling match, and Lopez just holds her head in her hands with what looks like a combination of joy and terror. We don’t see their actual critiques in the preview video, but I have a feeling The Kings will make it through to the next round just fine. Heck, is it too early for perfect 100 scores?

The Kings defy gravity in their performance and make it look so effortless that NASA should consider studying them for more efficient rocket fuels. But can they make history for the Upper Team division? In season one all groups of five or more dancers competed in a single Team Division, but the division champs in that category, Swing Latino, finished third in the World Final. Then in season two the show split up teams between adult contestants and junior contestants; the Junior Team champs (The Lab) ended up winning the whole season, but the Upper Team champs (S-Rank) ended up fourth.

Will The Kings redeem the Upper Teams this year? Judging from their first performance, they certainly live up to their name.

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