2020 Emmys live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst winners and moments of ABC’s virtual telecast [UPDATING LIVE]

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 2020 Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20 in a live virtual ceremony on ABC. A whopping 23 Emmys were handed out over the course of three hours in categories celebrating the best in comedy, drama, limited, reality and variety series from the 2019-20 TV season. Heading into Sunday’s telecast, “The Mandalorian” and “Watchmen” are tied with seven wins apiece from the Creative Arts Emmys.

Read our 2020 Emmys live blog below where editors and contributors react to all the winners, losers, speeches and moments from Sunday night. Providing hot takes and factoids are Chris Beachum, John Benutty, Charles Bright, David Buchanan, Marcus James Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Kevin Jacobsen, Zach Laws, Rob Licuria, Daniel Montgomery and Tony Ruiz.

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Joyce Eng: We missed out on more time with Kieran Culkin’s amazing background and I will never forgive these voters

David Buchanan: Sarah Snook’s tin foil Emmy ftw!

Marcus James Dixon: In terms of Gold Derby’s combined predictions, “Unorthodox” winning directing was the biggest shock of the ceremony; it was in 5th place. Zendaya (“Euphoria”) for actress and “Hunting” (“Succession”) for directing were the next hardest to predict as they were both in 4th place.

Sam Eckmann: I love these folks but fetch them an interior designer stat!

John Benutty: The patterns room again

DRAMA SERIES: “Succession”

Kevin Jacobsen: Sterling should host next year tbh

Marcus James Dixon: SKB can do no wrong! I was laughing out loud during that bit.

Tony Ruiz: Um….Sterling…no!


Luca Giliberti: Julia Garner is going to be the next Peter Dinklage!

Sam Eckmann: Pour one out for Ugly Betty. America and Vanessa should have been constant winners

John Benutty: In the dimension I was supposed to be born in, Ugly Betty swept the Comedy Series categories at least once

David Buchanan: Ugh Sarah Snook

Chris Beachum: Congrats to Jimmy and ABC! The show is running right on time with just 1 category left.

Sam Eckmann: I would absolutely watch her as Daisy in The Great Gatsby

Daniel Montgomery: Julia Garner is the Peter Dinklage of “Ozark” lol

Charlie Bright: Is Julia’s husband wearing a kimono?

Tony Ruiz: Julia Garner auditioning for Daisy in the next remake of The Great Gatsby

Marcus James Dixon: Wow! So apparently Garner didn’t win last year because of the “Game of Thrones” vote-split.

Zach Laws: Damn, for a while there I thought “Ozark” was gonna go 0 for 18

Chris Beachum: Julia just stopped a big fat zero for Ozark this week.

Luca Giliberti: The bitch wolf came through!! Yes!

John Benutty: oh no no no


Sam Eckmann: Ok I lied about making last minute switches. I went to Billy just a few hours ago!

John Benutty: Well deserved for Billy, despite the show itself being a mess overall

DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR: Billy Crudup – “The Morning Show”

John Benutty: I really hope the Kia driver didn’t have traffic getting to Sarah Snook’s house

Sam Eckmann: John it was hard to pay attention to the speech because I literally couldn’t look past the patterns

Rob Licuria: By the way. I hate how we can’t hear the nominee names being announced. And I hate how they’re quickly getting through the categories with no clips. Terrible. Less Anthony Anderson and Randall Park. More clips and nominee names. Thanks.


David Buchanan: “Hunting” is a far superior episode directorially than “Tears.” Fabulous win!

Rob Licuria: Marcus: you were saying about Gold Derby credentials? BURN THEM.

Marcus James Dixon: Is this one of the biggest surprises of the year? “Succession” winning directing but NOT for the finale? Mind blown.

Rob Licuria: That’s a surprise. Poor Mark Mylod. What does he have to do to win an Emmy?

Charlie Bright: BOAR ON THE FLOOR!

Luca Giliberti: WHAT?!

DRAMA DIRECTING: “Succession” (“Hunting”) – Andrij Parekh

Charlie Bright: The English have never been known for their interior design skills

Rob Licuria: Ok. I just woke up from feinting. ZENDAYAAAAAAAA

John Benutty: Let’s talk about this room the Succession team is in. Patterns on patterns on patterns. Mess

Tony Ruiz: Laverne Cox….goddess!!!

DRAMA WRITING: “Succession” (“This Is Not for Tears”) – Jesse Armstrong

John Benutty: What a queen, wow

Marcus James Dixon: Anyone who called this has bragging rights for a decade. Well done!

Luca Giliberti: Rob and I told you!!

Sam Eckmann: Zendaya the hype is REAL

Charlie Bright: Holy cow!

John Benutty: ZENDAYA!!!!!!

DRAMA LEAD ACTRESS: Zendaya – “Euphoria”

Chris Beachum: A really big category up now!

Rob Licuria: 10! 10! 10!

Sam Eckmann: Jeremy’s Les Mis look…Oprah quoting Man of La Mancha…. category is: musicals!
David Buchanan: What an incredible contest between Cox and Strong! Onto Season 3.

Rob Licuria: Jeremy. Strong. I’m in heaven.

Sam Eckmann: He dreamed a dream in time gone by

John Benutty: Uhhh, Jeremy is on a film set right now right? He looks like Anne in Les Mis

Luca Giliberti: No clips for these powerhouse actors?!

Daniel Montgomery: And now all the acting clips are gone. Thanks, alpaca

DRAMA LEAD ACTOR: Jeremy Strong – “Succession”

Rob Licuria: Ok. Now the best part of the night! DRAMA.

Tony Ruiz: I really love this speech!

Zach Laws: Tyler Perry. Speech of the night.

John Benutty: Tyler speaking words everyone should be listening to and taking in.

Rob Licuria: I timed it perfectly to make myself some lunch

Tony Ruiz: He makes three episodes a week? Ummm….

Sam Eckmann: Ok but is he Don Quixote?

Daniel Montgomery: I don’t mind Tyler Perry winning the Governors Award given how many opportunities he’s given to Black creatives, but it dawns on me we’re gonna have about 30 minutes for all seven drama categories

Tony Ruiz: So is the lesson here that Tyler Perry made a lot of television and film…but is any of it actually good?

John Benutty: That’s a pretty convincing package for Tyler Perry though, you have to admit.

Marcus James Dixon: Hmm, maybe Melania Trump wrote Oprah’s speech?

Tony Ruiz: Oprah quoting Man of La Mancha…what????

Tony Ruiz: Tyler Perry wins a freaking Governor’s Award?


John Benutty: I don’t know I’d still give the edge to the trash fire.

Sam Eckmann: What if they had combined the Friends cameos with the Ru girls cameos? Now THAT would be a moment?

John Benutty: Oh wow, cameo from Jaida, Heidi and Widow steals the spotlight from Jennifer, Courtney and Lisa.

Zach Laws: Way to make me cry during your acceptance speech, Ru


John Benutty: Yes, Joyce, at the Oscars for the new Scream film

Daniel Montgomery: Courteney did get a Daytime Emmy nomination a couple of years ago

Joyce Eng: Will Courteney ever be nominated?

John Benutty: OMG Jennifer, Courtney and Lisa! Brilliant until Jason showed up 🙁

Charlie Bright: Love that the clip for Chadwick Boseman was from his commencement address at his alma mater, Howard University in DC!

Charlie Bright: Really surprised the included Sumner Redstone considering the circumstances of his Viacom departure

Marcus James Dixon: Is this the best In Memoriam of all time? The visuals are perfection.

John Benutty: “Nothing Compares 2 U” isn’t a song I’d ever think of for an in memoriam, but H.E.R. sounds incredible.

Rob Licuria: This is a perfect in memoriam. And no death-clapping.


Tony Ruiz: I want Cynthia Erivo’s nails!!

Sam Eckmann: Cynthia’s dress is flawless!  If we don’t have a real red carpet tonight, at least we have her!

Rob Licuria: Best speech so far? I’d say Lindelof or Ruffalo.

Joyce Eng: Sad it couldn’t even match Game of Thrones

Daniel Montgomery: So not quite the “John Adams” record, but “Watchmen” did manage to tie “Angels in America” with 11 total Emmys

Marcus James Dixon: After drama series “Lost” and limited series “Watchmen,” I can’t wait to see what Damon’s future Emmy-winning comedy series will be!


Tony Ruiz: Why is this Anthony Anderson bit going on this long?

Rob Licuria: Someone get Anthony Anderson off the TV!!!

John Benutty: I’m so glad the fantastic Mrs. America got a big win and also more attention for the Shirley Chisholm film with Viola Davis we should be getting soon!

Riley Chow: Finally!  I have value as a pundit.

Sam Eckmann: I love Uzo, and have been a fan of hers since before she was famous, doing theater in Boston. But Jean Smart destroyed it on Watchmen. Name me someone who had sassier one liners!

Luca Giliberti: Toni Collette was ROBBED. Unbelievable was ROBBED. But Uzo is wonderful.


Marcus James Dixon: Wow Uzo! Sometimes it’s so hard to predict when a vote-split will happen and when it won’t.

Daniel Montgomery: The comedy bits tonight really peaked with Jennifer Aniston and the fire extinguisher. More essential workers, fewer of these comedy bits please

Luca Giliberti: Ahhhh I predicted Uzo!!


John Benutty: Why are we spending time on Tracy Morgan during a women’s category?


Luca Giliberti; Sarah Paulson!!

Charlie Bright: I’m liking the highlighting of essential workers

Chris Beachum: Journalists can already write the articles for tomorrow — with the lack of shows the public has actually watched, the virtual ceremony and being up against NFL and NBA playoffs (the Lakers no less) — the ratings will easily be the worst ever for an Emmys show.

John Benutty: Shout out for Emmy winner Rick & Morty <3

Charlie Bright: I want to be a part of Bryan Cranston’s workout class

Chris Beachum: I’ve been quite surprised how many categories have been presented by Jimmy.

Marcus James Dixon: Hey Charlie, Margo Martindale has the same wine glass as you do … a full bottle.

Joyce Eng: Seeing Bob Odenkirk made me sad.

Luca Giliberti: Margo Martindale in the garden. End of the show. There’s our highlight!

John Benutty: Yahya wins best everything.

Daniel Montgomery: “Watchmen” is up to 10 for the year — take that, “Schitt’s Creek”!

Marcus James Dixon: Yahya wins Best Dressed

Zach Laws: Yay Yahya!

Sam Eckmann: Y’all said I was wrong earlier! Go Yahya! Further proof that vile unlikeable characters don’t win Emmys

David Buchanan: Thank you, Kevin, for convincing me to make the switch to Yahya!

Charlie Bright: Luca, everything usually is my fault in some way or another

Luca Giliberti: Oh, I do! Him and Charlie! It’s all your fault!!

John Benutty: Aww Luca! You were bullied into switching back by Marcus. Blame him.


Chris Beachum: Luca can’t almost be a genius. It’s like being almost pregnant.

Charlie Bright: L’Chaim to Maria Schrader and the whole Unorthodox crew and to happen during Rosh Hashanah too is fabulous!

Joyce Eng: Watchmen got O.J.’d

Zach Laws: Luca! You were almost a genius!

Kevin Jacobsen: First big shock of the night for me!

Marcus James Dixon: OMG I was just going to congratulate you, Luca! Last-minute switches always bite.

Chris Beachum: True definition of a vote split on Watchmen!

Luca Giliberti: I switched away from Unorthodox last minute!!!! Ahhhh!! I am so mad now!!

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE DIRECTING: “Unorthodox” – Maria Schrader

Chris Beachum: She should thank Gold Derby for being Performer of the Year!

Marcus James Dixon: I love how Reese made sure to say she was an “Emmy-nominated television producer” — her three acting snubs still sting.

Luca Giliberti: Yeah, I wish it was the new year.

Charlie Bright: In the spirit of the ad we just saw, GET YOUR DAMN FLU SHOT!

John Benutty: True, Chris. I wonder how much of that has to do with being at home with loved ones and not tired from walking a red carpet and being cramped in tiny theater seats!

Chris Beachum: I really am enjoying the responses from the losing nominees. They are on screen much longer than they would be if in an audience. And so far (maybe because they are good actors), they seem to be very happy for the winners.

Daniel Montgomery: Hard to believe this is only Damon Lindelof’s second Emmy win. He hasn’t won since “Lost” in 2005

Rob Licuria: Real men cry, that’s for sure Marcus. How much do we love Damon Lindelof…

Sam Eckmann: The goat was the true star of Once on This Island

Charlie Bright: I’m liking the 70s/80s music vibe

David Buchanan: Nathan Lane had more chemistry with that goat from “Once on This Island.”

Charlie Bright: Sam, I want to be that person

Marcus James Dixon: I love that Damon is holding back tears in the background. Real men cry!

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE WRITING: “Watchmen” (“This Extraordinary Being”) – Damon Lindelof and Cord Jefferson

Sam Eckmann: Someone paid a crap ton of money for an alpaca and an animal handler for that entirely unfunny bit

Tony Ruiz: I learned that Randall Park isn’t funny

Luca Giliberti: That clip may serve as a reminder that Unbelievable was robbed across the board.

Rob Licuria: Ok. It’s time for some DAMON LINDELOF…..

Rob Licuria: Oh my god his speech was beautiful.

Charlie Bright: He’s just getting around to why we need to save the planet or something

Marcus James Dixon: Is Mark Ruffalo still talking?

Joyce Eng: This speech would be so much better if it weren’t for the lag

John Benutty: Ruffalo’s performance was a towering achievement so this is a nice win to see

Charlie Bright: I’ve had enough of people praising love tonight.

David Buchanan: After Schitt’s, a Watchmen sweep seemed possible, but faltered so quickly!

Rob Licuria: Ahahaha!! YESSSSSSSS Mark Ruffalo won’t be denied!!!

Sam Eckmann: Damn. I switched from Mark Ruffalo to Paul Mescal this morning. Don’t make last minute switches based on peer pressure folks!

Charlie Bright: Great, another thing Rob Licuria  won’t be able to shut up about

Luca Giliberti: That tease was so mean, Jimmy, haha!

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE LEAD ACTOR: Mark Ruffalo – “I Know This Much Is True”

Marcus James Dixon: I usually don’t like when people win Emmys year after year, but I’m fine if Regina King keeps winning from here to eternity.

Rob Licuria: I’m so happy for Emmys Queen, Regina King!

Kevin Jacobsen: Her name literally means Queen King. She does not lose.

Charlie Bright: Love the shoutout for down ballot races! And Shira Haas is lookin’ fine in her gown!

Luca Giliberti: Regina truly delivered in Watchmen, especially in those final two episodes! I am happy for her.

Sam Eckmann: Will Watchmen just don’t a clean sweep too? Night of the sweeps?


Marcus James Dixon: The mini/movie categories are really going to mess with my scores. I changed both Actor and Supporting Actor this afternoon.

Luca Giliberti: Clips! Clips! Please keep them!

Charlie Bright: Which everyone will share on YouTube and produce no noticeable change

Matt Noble: Good point Charlie. A 20 minute deep dive into winning an Emmy.

Charlie Bright: Love the John Oliver win but his speech is going on the length of one of his segments

Matt Noble: I loved Letterman bit. It will surely make our top 10 list for the night.

VARIETY TALK SERIES: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Chris Beachum: Funny that he referenced Shelly Long hosting with Jimmy Kimmel. That’s who he was forced to host with in 1986.

Zach Laws: David Letterman shouting out his late friend Regis Philbin was truly lovely

Charlie Bright: Santa’s presenting at the Emmys!

Marcus James Dixon: Chris Beachman is loving this Letterman moment.

Charlie Bright: Love John Oliver trying to call out that he’s an American citizen was great!

Zach Laws: Dave!!!

Daniel Montgomery: They’ve should’ve had Hot Priest officiate the “Schitt’s Creek” wedding and Andrew Scott would’ve won the Emmy he deserved for “Fleabag”

Kevin Jacobsen: Love Schitt’s Creek to death but I’m ready for some new winners

Charlie Bright: Kia, for those who couldn’t afford to settle for a Honda

John Benutty: Kia is an endearing and funny car, I think.

Charlie Bright: From 4 nominations and zero wins last year to 15 nominations and 9 wins this year (including casting and costumes) is unheard of and COMPLETELY deserved

Matt Noble: It was such an endearing and funny show. Hard to complain about these Schitt wins.

Rob Licuria: I love splitting out the genres

Luca Giliberti: I never watched Schitt’s Creek, but all those speeches were absolutely wonderful!

Matt Noble: Looks like a shirtless Jeff Garlin was going to accept for Curb.

Charlie Bright: Marcus I’ve been saying that for years!

Matt Noble: Getting the Count to talk up Shadows has to be a top 10 presenting choice.

Marcus James Dixon: Does everyone like the idea of dividing the ceremony into genres (comedy, drama, etc)? I kind of miss the old days where things were presented almost randomly.

Charlie Bright: Who would have thought that J.J. Watt was a fan of Jewish female comedians in the early 1960s?

Rob Licuria: Finally, let’s move off comedy…

COMEDY SERIES: “Schitt’s Creek”

Tony Ruiz: Morgan Freeman, Elton John, the gals from Broad City….and JJ Watt???

Rob Licuria: Testimonials was awesome! And may I just say, Lin Manuel Miranda is a legend.

Joyce Eng: Elton is such a huge Schitt’s Creek stan that he mispronounced Levy.

Charlie Bright: Same!

Zach Laws: He’s God. He can do anything.

Matt Noble: Love the testimonials about the best comedies. Such a nice way to highlight these shows.

Charlie Bright: How did Morgan Freeman find Kominsky Method channel surfing when it’s on Netflix?

Daniel Montgomery: “Schitt’s Creek” is tied for the most awarded comedy in a single year with eight, and it’s about to break that record with nine.

Charlie Bright: Alex Borstein still wins the night with her bedroom setup

Joyce Eng: Angels in America realness.

Marcus James Dixon: Anyone who didn’t predict it’d go 7-for-7 tonight should turn in their Gold Derby credentials at the door.

Tony Ruiz: Hey I predicted it too

Rob Licuria: Oh god, Marcus is going to be unbearable now.

Sam Eckmann: YES DAVID! Annie Murphy is an Emmy winner!!!

Zach Laws: Told ya! About to be a total sweep

Charlie Bright: I think they only brought two trophies to the Schitt’s Creek Party

COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Annie Murphy – “Schitt’s Creek”

Tony Ruiz: I absolutely love the emphasis on regular people…and the fact that they get to present!!

John Benutty: Zendaya won’t be an “etc.” after she wins tonight, Marcus

Marcus James Dixon: Three cheers for the A-listers who showed up in person to help out Jimmy: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Tracee Ellis Ross, etc.

Daniel Montgomery: The car commercial, the “Barry” bit, the Issa Rae segment. Even with the pandemic I have a feeling the show is going to have to rush through the top of the awards at the end of the night.

Joyce Eng: What an abrupt end to that package

Rob Licuria: Love Issa Rae. But this is toooooo looooong. I wanna see CLIPS.

David Buchanan: I guess it’ll be harder to keep speeches on time and they’re being proactive? A shame, though…

Charlie Bright: That’s very possible.

Marcus James Dixon: I wonder if they didn’t show clips because there are 8 for the supportings?

Sam Eckmann: Now can Annie take down Alex? That will be their hardest one to pull off

Daniel Montgomery: They’re not even through the comedy categories and they’ve already stopped showing clips of the nominees. Maybe they should’ve cut some bits?

Charlie Bright: Like I said in the pre-show, rules apply…until they don’t.

David Buchanan: They clearly didn’t allocate enough Emmys to send to Canada for this Schitt’s Sweep!

Rob Licuria: I get the show is popular. But there’s other really great work in the genre this season.

Sam Eckmann: I’m not bored in the least! This is the most charming and eloquent group on TV

Marcus James Dixon: I’m not bored at all! I’m loving every single second of this sweep!

Sam Eckmann: Thank god I switched to Dan Levy this morning! Sorry Tony Shalhoub.

Rob Licuria: Admit it though, sweeps are a bit boring.

Rob Licuria: No clips for the supporting actors? But we had 3 minutes on the Kia commercial? Dumb.

John Benutty; “The internet’s about to turn on me.” Ugh love him.

COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTOR: Daniel Levy – “Schitt’s Creek”

Luca Giliberti: They are not showing clips and using dramatic music for comedy turns. What is this?

Charlie Bright: The Barry bit was perfect since it provided us with a Russian—or rather Chechen— character

Rob Licuria: But aren’t they in Canada? Things are nowhere near as bad there (like in Australia) as they are in Trumpland.

John Benutty: I don’t know how I feel about the disregard for social distancing that the SC party is actually showing 🙁 and this is where we start rooting against Marcus and his Schitt’s Sweep

Kevin Jacobsen: It’s a Schitt show!

Rob Licuria: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

COMEDY DIRECTING: “Schitt’s Creek” (“Happy Ending”) – Andrew Cividino and Dan Levy

Matt Noble: Trust the Roses, the “Schitt’s Creek” crew have put together one of the classiest Emmys ever.

Daniel Montgomery; A weird year for a “Barry” bit

Tony Ruiz: Carrigan’s appearance makes me wish for the new season of Barry

John Benutty: So no one knows who this is?

Marcus James Dixon: If you don’t watch “Barry” you have no idea who this is, and I kind of love that.

Tony Ruiz: Anthony Carrigan…always perfection.

Luca Giliberti: How lovely to see Anthony Carrigan!!

Kevin Jacobsen: We really lucked out that “Schitt’s Creek” is the one to sweep to give this some level of ceremony with that big room.

Tony Ruiz: Dan Levy E. Kelly

Daniel Montgomery: Dan Levy-Waller-Bridge

Marcus James Dixon: Jimmy should totally say “Welcome back to the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Awards” when they return from commercial break — like when Jane Lynch did that for “Modern Family” when she hosted.

John Benutty: Tony, he’s close but the star is still the trash fire.

Tony Ruiz: So is Dan Levy the clear star of this year’s ceremony?

Rob Licuria: Love the shoutout to Issa Rae and the Insecure writers! So classy, Dan Levy!

John Benutty: Dan name-calling Issa and Insecure for its brilliance! Yes!

COMEDY WRITING: “Schitt’s Creek” (“Happy Ending”) – Daniel Levy

Kevin Jacobsen: Having this happen for the Schitt’s Creek gang after only just getting their first Emmy nominations last year has me crying on the couch.

John Benutty: I really liked the random guy sitting on a dog bed in the corner of Ramy’s screen

Rob Licuria: What a stroke of genius to have the Schitt’s Creek team together

Tony Ruiz: The best part of these Schitt’s Creek wins is Dan Levy’s reactions

Marcus James Dixon: I got a lot of flack for saying “Schitt’s” would go 7-for-7 tonight … I’m feeling pretty good after Eugene’s win!

Zach Laws: Watching Dan Levy hold back tears as his dad wins an Emmy is the sort of thing we watch award shows for.

Charlie Bright: Dan Levy’s reactions are absolutely priceless

Chris Beachum: Dan Levy’s reactions should get an award!

Sam Eckmann: Schitt’s Creek sweep! Let’s do this!

COMEDY LEAD ACTOR: Eugene Levy – “Schitt’s Creek”

Luca Giliberti: I do wish they could have someone read out the names. It just adds something!

Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, the car segment was a big time suck. Even a pandemic can’t stop unfettered capitalism

Zach Laws: Kia: the official car of the Emmys

Sam Eckmann: This car training bit wore out its welcome before it even started

Chris Beachum: OK the quality level has taken a big tumble with this car segment.

John Benutty: is this emmy delivery product placement bit actually necessary? yikes

Chris Beachum: Everybody should now be 1-1 on predictions? Enjoy it while we can.

Rob Licuria: It’s reminding us how awful this pandemic has been but how we make the most out of difficult and challenging times. I’m loving this!

Zach Laws: You know, so far they’re really making the best out of a bad situation. Clever, funny and creative.

Kevin Jacobsen: What a gorgeous speech!

John Benutty: Is there anyone that wouldn’t rather be at the Schitt’s Creek party?

Chris Beachum: This whole thing is so unbelievably tremendous!

Sam Eckmann: Catherine O’Hara looks STUNNING! Get it Moira!

COMEDY LEAD ACTRESS: Catherine O’Hara – “Schitt’s Creek”

Charlie Bright: That trash fire is the perfect analogy for 2020

Chris Beachum: I love how they are showcasing each nominee wherever they are. Almost all don’t get to make a speech, so at least we get to see them.

John Benutty: By the end of this can we take a poll on whose at home camera work deserves an Emmy for cinematography?

David Buchanan: The payoff was worth the anxiety-inducing opening minutes!

John Benutty: OMG the set of America’s Got Talent!

Daniel Montgomery: I thought the fake audience went on a bit too long before finally acknowledging it, but it paid off exceedingly well

Charlie Bright: And they kept it short.

Marcus James Dixon: This monologue is officially genius. They made the most of a bad situation.

Rob Licuria: This is a brilliant opening monologue!

John Benutty: OK using an audience shot of him to break the joke is really great. Really great.

John Benutty: I mean, is he not going to address his fake audience? I really started questioning my sanity after a few minutes.

Sam Eckmann: So are they not going to make the recycled audience reaction shots into a joke…or…?

Charlie Bright: I’m liking the actual monologue but the whole thing with the audience feels weird

Marcus James Dixon: So much of America is confused right now.

Tony Ruiz: The canned laughter and applause reminds me of some of the Dean Martin Roasts of the late 70s.

Joyce Eng: The recycled audience shots are a choice.

John Benutty: Props to Kimmel for finding a way to make the opening both funny and heartfelt, all things considered.

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