Golden Globes Live Blog 2020: Our editors dish the best, worst and craziest moments of Sunday’s ceremony

Gold Derby’s sassy editors and contributors have some strong opinions, and that’s certainly the case at the 2020 Golden Globes. Follow along as the show unfolds with our thoughts and feelings on the best, worst and craziest moments of the 77th ceremony, which airs live coast to coast Sunday, January 5 on NBC beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT.

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As a refresher, “Marriage Story” leads the movie nominations with six bids, followed by “The Irishman” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” with five. “Joker” and “The Two Popes” have four each, while “Knives Out,” “1917,” “Parasite” and “Rocketman” all have three. “Dolemite is My Name” and “Jojo Rabbit” round out the Best Film categories with two bids apiece.

On the TV side, it’s a three-way tie for first with “Chernobyl,” “The Crown” and “Unbelievable” all receiving four nominations. “Barry,” “Big Little Lies,” “Fleabag,” “Fosse/Verdon,” “The Kominsky Method,” “The Morning Show” and “Succession” are next in line with three bids each. The three program categories also include “Catch-22” and “The Loudest Voice” (Movie/Limited) “Killing Eve” (Drama), and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “The Politician” (Comedy/Musical).

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Joining me in our fun live blog are fellow Gold Derby editors and contributors Chris Beachum, John Benutty, Charles Bright, David Buchanan, Marcus Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Jeffrey KareRob Licuria, Daniel Montgomery, Matt Noble, Tom O’BrienTony Ruiz and Susan Wloszczyna. So what do we think? Give us your opinions on our opinions in the comments section below.

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ZACH LAWS: Here we go…

JEFFREY KARE: I don’t know what everyone else is thinking right now, but I think Ricky Gervais is hilarious so far.

TONY RUIZ: I like that Gervais is going for the throat…but it doesn’t seem like the audience is with him.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Jonathan Pryce’s face when Gervais made a jokey about child abuse and “The Two Popes”

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! Already we’ve got the first big surprise of the night!

ROB LICURIA: Yessss Ramy Youssef!!! So deserved. “I know you guys haven’t seen my show” is also a very true statement. Go watch it!!!

CHARLIE BRIGHT: First win of the night is on the shock level of Aaron Taylor-Johnson a couple years ago.

LUCA GILIBERTI: They need to fix their sound system. 

ZACH LAWS: Russell Crowe isn’t even here and he’s already got the best speech of the night.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: That was a charming, pithy, funny acceptance speech by Ramy Youssef. Can he host the rest of the show?

JEFFREY KARE: I knew Russell would win! Also, what a great speech he sent in from Australia.

ROB LICURIA: I’m so happy for Russell Crowe winning. And his message about the devastation in our country brought tears to my eyes.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Finally a last-minute change worked out for me! Very important message too.

ROB LICURIA: By the way, that joke Ricky Gervais told about Dame Judi Dench made me laugh out loud and clap like a crazy person. I needed that. Thanks, Ricky 🙂

SAM ECKMANN: Best Supporting Actress goes to Annette Bening’s epic bejeweled collar.

MATT NOBLE: Crowe’s statement was a powerful message.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Thank you Russell Crowe for shining a light on the severity of climate change – a beautiful message from him!

CHARLIE BRIGHT: Great, with that Russell Crowe win, Rob won’t ever let us forget about how he was right on this one.

JOYCE ENG: Very rude of the HFPA not to give us the Green sisters reunion we deserve.

ZACH LAWS: I wonder what movie Elton John is here to introduce.

JEFFREY KARE: What a well-deserved standing ovation for Elton and Bernie.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: If I were an award show producer I would trot out Elton John and Bernie Taupin just to have them present Jojo Rabbit. Keep the audience on their toes.

JEFFREY KARE: Another longshot prediction I got right.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: In the time it takes TV actors to get to the podium from their seats in the way way back, you could watch “The Irishman.”

ZACH LAWS: Yay “Succession”! Sometimes the best does win.

SAM ECKMANN: Stella Skarsgaard thanking his eyebrow creator is peak Golden Globes speech material

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Ooh, I finally got one right tonight — “Succession” for Best Drama Series

JEFFREY KARE: I think this win further cements “Succession” as a frontrunner going into the Emmys later this year.

LUCA GILIBERTI: The trend of the critically acclaimed show in the bunch winning Best Drama Series continues – I should have listened to my own argument.

ROB LICURIA: This is the beginning of a “Succession” tsunami at all big TV award shows going forward. Yayyyy! Oh wait, the SAG Awards snubbed it. Back to the drawing board…

RILEY CHOW: I hope that I get one right tonight!

ZACH LAWS: You and me both, Riley. You and me both.

JEFFREY KARE: Phoebe reigns supreme!

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Nothing snarky to say here, just that Phoebe looks like a fierce goddess tonight.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Finally, I got one right. Go Fleabag! Snazzy ensemble there, Phoebe! Ah, she mentions the Hot Priest, who is looking fine all in white!

LUCA GILIBERTI: Phoebe is coming for the full sweep! 

ZACH LAWS: Bong Joon Ho is right: the Foreign Language Film category is where it’s at.

ROB LICURIA: One lock this upcoming Emmys … the Golden Globe Awards will NOT be nominated for Best Sound Mixing. Horrendous!!!!!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Yay! Parasite so cool — and I got it right!

ZACH LAWS: Very moving speech by Kate McKinnon in honor of Ellen DeGeneres, a pioneer who broke down doors for LGBTQ performers everywhere.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Kate McKinnon – lovely heartfelt and funny tribute while on the brink of tears.

LUCA GILIBERTI: That was a short but beautiful introductory from Kate McKinnon. I felt those words and can completely relate!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Kate McKinnon was a perfect choice to intro Ellen DeGeneres’s Carol Burnett Award. That heartfelt intro from one queer comedian to another was the moment of the night so far.

JEFFREY KARE: What a moving tribute to Ellen from Kate McKinnon.

SAM ECKMANN: best speech of the night so far goes to Kate McKinnon. Perfectly captures what Ellen has meant to so many.

TONY RUIZ: Does “Fight Song” need to be included in every uplifting montage???

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Love that we get to see Carol Burnett whenever this award is given out. A true treat.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Ooh, Tay Tay in the house. I really do hope she and Lloyd Webber win for their “Cats” ditty – it is about the only thing watchable about the film because you only have to listen.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Someone explain why there is another Dolittle movie?

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: I am doing so, so bad on the TV side. But for film I’m at 100% so far! (Lol, there’s only been one.)

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Shiny is the new black fur shure.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: It’s funny that most of the TV categories I’ve gotten right as of now are “Succession” LOL

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Brian Cox just took a Uber to get to that stage.

SAM ECKMANN: Golden Globe for loudest thud goes to Tim Allen’s failed jokes. Oof.

JOYCE ENG: Missed opportunity not to play “L to the OG” honestly

JEFFREY KARE: OK, Margot Robbie should not be presenting an award “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” happens to be nominated in. At least it just won.

LUCA GILIBERTI: We still have people from the winning movie presenting. When will awards shows learn?

ZACH LAWS: Tarantino is well on his way to Oscar #3. Also, good on him for acknowledging the achievement of “Irishman” scribe Steven Zaillian and screenwriting legends Robert Bolt and John Milius.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Ah, well, QT won screenplay before. Parasite was robbed.

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! I’m very surprised and thrilled about this win!

TONY RUIZ: Well, who had their big bet in the Animated Film category?

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Amy P. makes everything better. OMG Missing Link? Wow.

RILEY CHOW: Is ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ going to sweep like fellow Hollywood love letter ‘La La Land’?

LUCA GILIBERTI: Missing Link? Now that’s a shocker!

MATT NOBLE: The sequels spilt the vote to give the more original “Missing Link” a deserved win.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: This is a win for original concepts!!! Remakes and sequels get bent.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: The ceremony is almost half over and still not a single win for Netflix. Yikes!

SAM ECKMANN: With a bunch of sequels as the presumed front runners, is “Missing Link” coming for the Animated Feature Oscar? Laika is a consistently excellent studio.

ROB LICURIA: As I said during the pre-show, all I hear in my nightmares is “Into-th-UNKNOWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNah”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I’ve been thinking all this time that a non-sequel was going to come in and win Best Animated Feature. Until now I thought it would be “I Lost My Body,” but maybe it’s “Missing Link.” I wonder if it came build on this momentum like “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” did last year.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Brad and Leo, ooh so much good-lookage! And it’s the 10th QT film, guys.

ZACH LAWS: Welp… there goes JLo’s Oscar campaign.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Did Brad and Gwyneth pass each other?

JEFFREY KARE: Yes! Laura Dern wins!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Jennifer Lopez needed this to be taken seriously at the Oscars. Bummer!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Oh poor Jennifer Lopez. At least she has those useful pole dancing skills. You try that, Ms. Dern.

LUCA GILIBERTI: I never bought into the Lopez argument, although she, too, would have deserved it. Ms. Dern is finally winning her Oscar.

RILEY CHOW: Laura Dern is sweeping and Jennifer Lopez is vulnerable for the Oscar nomination.

JEFFREY KARE: How nice having husband and wife presenting together.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Yay! Fleabag – and yes let the priest take bow onstage, please.

ROB LICURIA: I think Riley might be right. I’m gutted for JLo, she was phenomenal in “Hustlers”. But Laura Dern gave an undeniably great performance, so if it wasn’t Lopez, I’m happy it was Dern.

SAM ECKMANN: Laura Dern will be the unstoppable acting winner who sweeps everything this year. She’s a god in the acting world and the industry is hungry to reward one of their best.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Oh, naughty Phoebe. Nice Obama double entendre.

TONY RUIZ: Someone tell Tom Hanks’s son to stop texting during Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s speech.

JEFFREY KARE: “Rocketman” was one of my favorite films from last year, so I’m thrilled about this win!

ROB LICURIA: “Into-th-unknOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWNNNNN” … please help me.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Mark Zuckerberg joke was an object lesson in how to do the kind of edgy barbs Ricky Gervais was trying to do in that uncomfortable monologue.

TONY RUIZ: Elton John and Bernie Taupin NEVER won an award together???? The Grammys have some explaining to do.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Seeing Ansel Elgort reminded me that “The Goldfinch” was saved from being the worst-reviewed big budget film of 2019 when “Cats” got kicked into the litter box.

ZACH LAWS: Wow. I guess Patricia Arquette is the Globes’s new “it” girl.

JEFFREY KARE: Wow! Patricia Arquette surprises again.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Okay, if Patricia Arquette’s name is on an awards ballot from now on, I’m just going to predict her to win. Full stop.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Wow, Patty! But it’s such an undeniable performance that I can’t be upset!

JEFFREY KARE: And what a great message to end her speech with.

TONY RUIZ: Arquette always gives a great and relevant speech. I hear the FOX audience groaning.

ZACH LAWS: Never. Bet. Against. Queen. Olivia. Colman. (Although I predicted Jennifer Aniston.)

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Patricia Arquette is such an inspiration. She just gets it.

TONY RUIZ: I KNEW IT!!! Never doubt Colman.

JEFFREY KARE: At this point, we should never underestimate Olivia Colman.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Olivia just needs to play queens from now on and build a new trophy room.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: “I had money on this not happening … I’m completely stumped” Can we please give Olivia Colman all awards ever? I would give her Best Rap Performance at the Grammys next if I could.

SAM ECKMANN: I switched from Colman to Aniston at the last second, against my better judgement, and I’m never listening to the experts again!

LUCA GILIBERTI: We need an Olivia Colman speech at every ceremony. Thanking “Fleabag” in a speech for “The Crown” is iconic.

ROB LICURIA: Biggest non-starter of the night: “The Morning Show.”

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Olivia Colman just won for “The Crown” but forgot to mention anyone associated with “The Crown.” Oops! Instead, she gave a shout-out to her other show, “Fleabag.”

ROB LICURIA: Patricia Arquette puts everything into perspective. We’re on the brink of war at the whim of a crazy person on Twitter and a whole continent is on fire. By the way, I’m surprised and impressed by the numerous mentions of the Aussie bushfire disaster. Thanks, celebrity gods!

ZACH LAWS: We really do take Tom Hanks for granted, which is perhaps why he hasn’t been Oscar nominated in almost 20 years.

RILEY CHOW: ‘Succession’ and Patricia Arquette deserved those awards. I did not give the HFPA enough credit when making my predictions this year.

SAM ECKMANN: Has anyone been in more amazing films than Tom Hanks? Just an incredible performer. And one that can make fun of his Love Boat appearance!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Tom Hanks gives sincerity a good name. Not many can get away with that.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: I love our future president, Tom Hanks.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: That was a pretty great clip reel for Tom Hanks and it’s such a lovely speech. I wonder if this will help him FINALLY get another Oscar nomination for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” since voting is still underway. It has remarkably been 19 years since his last nomination.

JEFFREY KARE: That speech is another example of why Tom Hanks is not only an American icon, but also a national treasure.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I loved the interaction between Tom Hanks and Martin Scorsese during his speech. Raise your hand if you would 100% watch Tom Hanks in Scorsese’s next seven-hour film.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Holy forking split! The first win of the night where I’m wrong but I’m also partying — Sam Mendes for “1917”!

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! Good thing I had him in third place.

ZACH LAWS: Good on Mendes for acknowledging that Martin Scorsese is the best.

SAM ECKMANN: After watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, I wondered if another figure like Fred Rogers exists in today’s world. One who we look to in times of trouble, to be inspired, and to feel uplifted. I didn’t think they existed, but foolish me. It’s Tom Hanks.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Ooooooh. Sam. He is on his way to Oscar land perhaps. Good on him for his Scorsese shout-out.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Jeffrey, I was thinking too how good Hanks would be as a president.

JEFFREY KARE: Michelle certainly has a lot to celebrate right now, her newly announced engagement, pregnancy, and now second Golden Globe win.

LUCA GILIBERTI: I wanted Merritt Wever to win, but Ms. Williams gives the best, most elegant speeches.

TONY RUIZ: Is Michelle Williams capable of giving a bad acceptance speech?

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: I picked Merritt Wever but I do love me some Michelle. Those are some brave words and important words.

JOYCE ENG: Michelle Williams always give good speech. Paging AMPAS

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Find someone who looks at you the way Busy Phillips looks at Michelle Williams accepting an award

LUCA GILIBERTI: Chernobyl is good and all, but Unbelievable deserved this.

JOYCE ENG: Jared Harris accepting for “Chernobyl” is just a soul-crushing reminder that he won’t win a televised award for his tremendous performance.

ZACH LAWS: I hate to gloat but… called that “Joker” win in Best Score!

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! “Joker” is already a Golden Globe-winning film.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Hildur is an INCREDIBLE composer and deserves this! She’s done such incredible work.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Good for Brad! That six-pack ab pushed him over.

ZACH LAWS: “I would’ve shared the raft.” Good one, Brad!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Brad is right – we all would have shared that raft.

ZACH LAWS: My heart is broken for Eddie Murphy. He really deserved this.

MATT NOBLE: “Hollywood” has done well, winning two categories where comedies go head to head with dramas.

JEFFREY KARE: Wow! There’s a category where I could not have been more thrilled to have gotten my prediction wrong!

LUCA GILIBERTI: YES TARON! Such a great performance; he’s getting ready for that Oscar nom!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Roman Griffin Davis is living his best life, and I am here for it

SAM ECKMANN: Thank god I didn’t listen to the experts and picked Taron! He’s coming for that open slot at the Oscars.

LUCA GILIBERTI: I have been such a fan of Awkwafina for the last two years and seeing her finally get some recognition brought tears to my eyes. Such a great performance in such a great movie.

ZACH LAWS: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” easily wins the Golden Globe. Oscars are next.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: And “Once Upon a Time” officially wins the same three Golden Globes “Green Book” won last year: Picture, Supporting Actor, Screenplay.

JEFFREY KARE: Just as I thought, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” wins in the exact categories I predicted.

JEFFREY KARE: The Joker wins again!

ZACH LAWS: I really wanna hear Joaquin’s unedited speech. Must be doing a George Carlin routine.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Anyone who tells me Joaquin Phoenix isn’t sweeping… the moment I left that movie theater, it was clear to me.

SAM ECKMANN: Joaquin’s speech is meandering and long and weird…but also strangely contains everything you want in a speech. He’s so watchable in his bizarreness. And he’s the only person to be played off so far! A great Oscar audition.

ZACH LAWS: Seriously though, Joaquin’s speech showcases everything we love about that crazy guy. Can only imagine what his Oscar speech will sound like.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I actually loved Joaquin Phoenix’s speech. As someone with social anxiety, you can tell he’s not comfortable in the public eye, but he was gracious and self-deprecating and thoughtful. Yes, Hollywood, speeches are good, but private jets are also a problem.

JEFFREY KARE: Just when I thought the Globes were starting to not buy into these big comeback stories, Renée wins.

ZACH LAWS: Ricky Gervais checking his watch is all of us.

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! Could we now have a whole new frontrunner for Best Picture?

JOYCE ENG: Parasite would’ve won that had it been eligible.

SAM ECKMANN: Netflix is skunked and Sam Mendes positions his film as a bastion for Cinema. A new front runner emerges.

ZACH LAWS: Yes, folks, there is a new Oscar frontrunner… “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Only two wins for Netflix (Dern and Colman)? Wow, wow, wow.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: <Does happy dance after “1917” won Best Picture>

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