First-ever Gold Derby Music Awards: Vote for the 2021 GDMA nominations now!

For years Gold Derby has carried out its own awards for film and television. Now you can vote for the very best achievements in music at the Gold Derby Music Awards. These kudos cover the same eligibility window as the Grammys (September 2019 through August 2020), so let us know who you think made the biggest impact in this challenging period when music helped many of us cope with the uncertainty of a pandemic election year.

Voting in our 12 categories will be conducted like our movie and TV awards. Register for a free account with Facebook, Twitter, Google or a separate email if you haven’t already. In the top five general field categories (Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist), you will select your top five choices in order of preference. Your number-one choice will get five points, your number-two will get four points, your number-three will get three points, your number-four will get two points and your number-five will get one point. The top 10 highest scorers in these categories will become the official nominees.

In the remaining seven categories, you will rank your top three choices in order of preference. Your top choice gets three points, your second gets two points and your third gets one point. The top five highest scorers will be the nominees in these races. You’ll have until November 15 to vote, and you can keep updating your ballot as often as you like until voting closes: no votes are final until the deadline (see our illustrated instructions below). The date of the nominations announcement will be determined in the coming weeks.

1) Click “Make your predictions!” at the top of the Gold Derby page.

gold derby awards voting instructions

2) Click the green “VOTE” box next to “Gold Derby Music Awards Nominations 2021.”

gold derby awards voting instructions

3) Select a category, add your favorite candidates from the left column to the right column, and save your top five choices in the general field and your top three choices in the genre fields.

gold derby awards voting instructions

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