39% of ‘Survivor’ fans say Rob will extract revenge on Sandra after the tribes merge [POLL RESULTS]

Never tick off the Queen, especially if she is the only two-time winner of “Survivor.” Boston Rob Mariano did just that. His sin: Not disclosing that he and wife Amber Mariano were also participating in “Winners at War” to Sandra Diaz-Twine when they were mentor buddies on the previous season, “Island of the Idols.”

They had fun standing beside the oversized statues of their heads that greeted each castaway who were awestruck by their hidden presence on a nearby beach on Season 39. The devious pair delighted in tricking their students into too quickly agreeing to perform a task or engage in a game for a prize. They were a hoot as they eavesdropped on tribal councils in a shack while making salty commentary.

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Yes, those were the days. But their friendship took a blow when, during a preview episode setting up last week’s premiere of the all-champs 40th season of the CBS reality show, Sandra realized that her beach buddy Rob hid the fact that he and Amber were competing again as well.

As the Queen said to the camera, “I’m shocked to see Rob and Amber,” a scowling Sandra states. “I spent 36 days woth Boston Rob on ‘Island of the Idols,  and Boston Rob never told me he was playing again. So I definitely feel betrayed.” She then set about a plan to get back at him. Rob is out of her reach for now since he is part of the blue Sele tribe. But Amber was fair game since she and Sandra were part of the red Dakal tribe. Her Highness then went about convincing her other tribe mates to vote her out and send her to the limbo land known as Edge of Extinction.

But in our fan poll about this building grudge match, 39% say that Sandra has more to worry about since Rob learns of Amber’s fate and will likely patiently wait to extract revenge when the tribes merge.

Meanwhile, 30% believes that Sandra will pull some strings to eventually get Rob out of the game.  Then there is the fact that Sandra has been gifted an immunity idol already that is good for several tribal councils — 8% say that will keep the red team under her sway.

Then there is the 13% who think that Rob and Amber will somehow use the fire tokens to return her to the game. Less likely, according to 10% of the voters is that Rob will somehow convince the red team to target Sandra.

Tune in to CBS on tonight to see how everything plays out at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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