Adam Klein (‘Survivor: Winners at War’) might just miss the merge, according to our odds

Adam Klein is likely to be the first champion from a recent season to be voted out of “Survivor: Winners at War,” according to Gold Derby odds. Season 40 has already been an old school slaughter as we’ve seen legend after legend like Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine voted out one after another, while no winner from Season 30 or later has gotten their torch snuffed. Predictors here at Gold Derby think we will finally see a new school winner voted out on Wednesday night’s episode.

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Adam currently has a 13/5 chance of going home next, according to our odds. An overwhelming majority are picking him as the next “Survivor” boot after the “Millennials vs. Gen X” victor made a series of blunders in the pre-merge. In the most recent episode, Adam found himself socially isolated from his fellow Yara tribemates, Ben Driebergen, Sarah Lacina and Sophie Clarke. Chances are if the Yara tribe loses immunity in this episode, he will be the one going to the Edge of Extinction at the end of the night. Other boot possibilities being predicted include Yul Kwon (the last remaining old-schooler), Ben and Wendell Holland.

Going to the predicted winner leaderboard, it is a virtual tie between Sophie and Yul, with the former barely edging out the latter with 11/2 odds vs. 13/2. Sophie has been our winner pick since the fourth episode of the season and there has been little reason to knock her down considering she has simultaneously played an under-the-radar game while still making moves. If it’s not Sophie or Yul, prognosticators say it could be Michele Fitzgerald or Tony Vlachos, who have been very high in our predictions in recent weeks.

But the real story here is Denise Stapley, who wasn’t even in the top five in previous weeks but has now vaulted to the no. 4 position to win, no doubt aided by her big blindside of Sandra last week.

As for other predictions, it is clear that users expect the Yara tribe to have a bad episode as Dakal and Sele are predicted to win reward and immunity. There are no expected idol plays, quits or medevacs.

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