‘AGT: The Champions’ stinkers? These 2 acts were X’d by judges for their final performance

How is it that on the performance finale of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” two of the 10 acts received a red X from one of the judges? Howie Mandel was not a fan of the dancing storm troopers Boogie Storm and Simon Cowell was equally unimpressed with jack of all trades entertainer Hans (watch above). Both performers came to the finals with their own share of controversy which likely contributed to the underwhelming responses from the male judges.

On Boogie Storm’s preliminary night it was Howie who was in control of the Golden Buzzer, but Simon took that power from him when he hit the buzzer to send his favorite act of all time straight to the finals. Simon has always been a major fan of the costumed storm troopers, claiming on Monday night that they bring a message of hope that storm troopers can be seen as not evil if we give them the chance. Huh?! Does Simon know they aren’t actually storm troopers? In fact it was that point of the “message” that caused Howie to hit his red X during their performance. He criticized the group for not being good enough dancers and for also not having a clear message in their art.

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It’s curious then that Simon went on to later hit his red X on Hans, a performer that throughout his time on the series has shown that he brings with him a message of pure joy and self-confidence. While also “not the best dancer,” Hans impresses most of the judges with his high energy and the effortless display of humor and fun that he brings to the stage even if, as Alesha even stated, it can be quite “terrible,” too. After Monday night’s performance Simon, with his head in his hands, declared it “torture” to which Hans replied “it doesn’t matter what he thinks.”

On that note, Hans was right. Luckily for both him and Boogie Storm, none of the judges will have a say in which act ultimately wins the show. That decision is in the hands of the “AGTSuperfans, a mysterious group of fans from all 50 states who have helped choose the finalists all season long. Before leaving the stage, Hans appealed to the superfans, asking that they vote for him because he’s an everyday man and “just like them… only better.” Ha! Gotta love his humor.

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