‘America’s Got Talent’ judges prepare for Heidi Klum’s wrath after voting for naughty comedian: She’s ‘gonna be so mad at us’ [WATCH]

“Heidi is gonna be so mad at us for doing this, but you’ve got three yeses,” Simon Cowell stated during Tuesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent.” He was speaking to comedy roaster Alex Hooper, an act who was initially booed off the “AGT” stage in 2018 in part for insulting Heidi Klum, but who’s now sailed through to the next round of this 2020 season (watch above). With Heidi still out sick from a fever, that left Simon, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara to decide whether the naughty stand-up comedian would advance to the upcoming Judge Cuts. How will Heidi react when she finds out one of her most-hated acts has returned to NBC’s reality TV show? Stay tuned.

Before coming out on stage, Alex told the camera that his prior experience on “AGT” changed him as a person because he “hurt people.” “All I saw was this barrage of negativity and hatred toward something that I did,” he added, referring to the boos from the crowd and the angry tweets on social media. Alex declared, “So I had to come back and tell everybody that I’m sorry, because we all went through something together.”

But of course, he was lying. The moment he walked out in front of Simon, Howie and Sofia, it was like nothing had changed as he roasted each of them, plus host Terry Crews, one after the other. The only difference? This time, without a booing audience influencing the judges’ decisions, Alex’s jokes actually made them laugh out loud. Do you think they made the right decision to send him through to the next round?

Here are some of the highlights from Alex’s “apology” tour:

“Terry, I know you weren’t here last time, but honestly, I wouldn’t have made fun of you anyway. You truly shine. You and Howie clearly go to the same barber. Just not the same gym.”

“Howie, look at that marvelous head. You weren’t born. You were hatched. Howie, I’m sorry, these are just jokes. Remember when you were a comedian?”

“Heidi, I’m so sorry you’re not here, but I understand why you can’t be here today. You are a ‘Sports Illustrated’ model, and I’m sure you’re off on their seniors tour.”

“Onto the lady who puts the ‘more’ in ‘amor.’ Hello Sofia Vergara. I love you. From beauty to beast … Simon, how are you a vegan and that’s the least annoying thing about you? I will say I am so excited for your new movie. What’s it called, ’50 Shades of Tan’?”

“In closing, yes I am sorry. I’m sorry that none of the judges were born in this country. So while America’s got talent, it does not have a strong immigration policy.”

Tuesday’s show was the last official auditions round of Season 15, with a special “best-of auditions” episode airing the following week on July 21. The revamped Judge Cuts are then scheduled for July 28. A 15-year anniversary retrospective episode airs August 4. And the live shows are scheduled to kick off August 11 on NBC.

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