‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 13 recap: 2nd night of quarter-finals includes performances from Voices of Our City Choir and Kameron Ross [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

America’s Got Talent” continued the final phase of its unconventional season 15 on Tuesday with the second live performance show of the summer. In this quarter-finals round, which consists of four episodes, 11 acts per night will perform for the judges. After each round of performances, three acts will advance to the semi-finals based on the overnight audience vote, then the 4th, 5th and 6th vote-getters will compete live for the Dunkin’ Save which one will earn and another will be saved by the judges.

After the August 11 performance show and August 12 results show, singers Archie Williams, Shaquira McGrath, and Roberta Battaglia all advanced to the semi-finals based on the viewer votes. Sword swallower Brett Loudermilk was put through with the Dunkin’ Save audience vote and twin sisters Double Dragon were saved by the judges.

On the August 18 live show, judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara were joined by Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”) who stepped in for Simon Cowell, who is recovering from surgery for a broken back.

The line-up for the second night of quarter-finals on August 18 is led by the Golden Buzzer act from Terry Crews, homeless choral group Voices of Our City Choir. The other singing acts performing in this group are Kameron Ross, Kelvin Dukes, BONAVEGA, and Daneliya Tuleshova. The field of contenders is rounded out by dance group The Shape, salsa duo BAD Salsa, animal tricks act Alexis Brownley and the Puppy Pals, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin, impressionist Vincent Marcus, and diabolo group Spyros Bros.

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Below, follow along with our live blog as we recap all the action on “America’s Got Talent” Season 15 Episode 13 in our minute-by-minute blog.

8:04 p.m. – The first act to perform tonight was Kelvin Dukes, putting on a show from a New York set on the Universal Studios lot. He gave a perfectly retro rendition of the Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse song “Valerie.” With high energy, stellar dance moves and excellent support from a backup band and dancers, the song was a perfect performance to start the show off.

8:12 p.m. – Howie told Kelvin that he’s so good at everything (singing, dancing, acting) that he has a great career ahead of him. Heidi said he’s one of her favorite acts this season and Sofia called him a “born performer.”

8:16 p.m. – Next up was The Shape with their pre-recorded dance routine that used camerawork and editing to high effect. Their synchronicity as a large crew was top notch and they managed to keep a high energy pace from beginning to end. Sofia said she was sold on the location they chose for their shoot and gave them a ton of credit for the hard work they must have put in to choreograph the routine. Howie deferred from the other judges and told them that he didn’t think they had precision and didn’t enjoy the performance.

8:25 p.m. – For his performance Kameron Ross sang Lady Gaga‘s “Million Reasons.” His rendition upped the ante on the country vibes in order to better suit his voice, but whether it was the melody or pitch problems it didn’t work. Both Sofia and Kenan told Kameron that his story is very moving, but that the performance itself was just OK. Howie didn’t like the song choice and Heidi said she “wanted it to be good,” but that’s just a way of saying she didn’t think it was good.

8:36 p.m. – Performing from India, BAD Salsa showed us a fast-paced, high energy routine of their Bollywood-inspired version of salsa dancing. I think they chose an excellent setting and had phenomenal costumes that effectively created a sense of atmosphere and culture. By the end Heidi was standing up and cheering, ready to call them one of the best dance (and sorta danger) acts they’ve ever had. Sofia called it “spectacular” and called the entire production beautiful while Howie said “that is precision” and told America that it has to be one of the top five.

8:46 p.m. – Impressionist Vincent Marcus performed as his rap artist specialties once again rather than expanding his talent beyond that limited scope. He did add some new artists to his repertoire like Lil Nas X, but the judges seemed to think that his usual voices were his better ones. Howie liked him better in his first audition, but Heidi, Sofia and Kenan all thought this was one an improvement.

8:57 p.m. – For her next showcase, Alexis Brownley and the Puppy Pals managed to blend her youthful energy and the dog tricks together in a way that truly made sense. The bits of jumping rope, climbing ladders and sliding down them felt cohesive and even in the slip-ups it was endearing to see a young girl manage so many moving pieces live.

9:04 p.m. – While all Heidi could say is that it was adorable, Sofia called Alexis “inspiring” and “amazing” and complimented her for the amount of work she put in to her show. Once again Howie decided to compare and contrast and he said that dogs are so much better than pigs.

9:07 p.m. – In his package, BONAVEGA said that he’s always felt there are two sides to him and that BONAVEGA is the free, most true version of himself. With tonight’s mash-up of The Weeknd with an electric guitar solo, he managed to express a new aspect of his crazy personality, but the judges thought that his first audition was better than this one. Kenan said he deserves credit for “walking the fine line of crazy.”

9:18 p.m. – The Spyros Bros are an act that really benefited from the opportunity to perform from the Universal Studios lot because having the Krustyland set behind them and the open air as their space to hurl the diabolo into gave them the appropriate environment to make their act feel so much more exciting. They also took advantage of the space between the judges chairs to put them in the middle of the action by hurling the diabolo between them and making the performance feel daring while also entertaining.

9:26 p.m. – Sofia, having never seen diabolo before joining the show, was thrilled by their act and appreciates the energy and excitement that they bring to the show. Heidi loved that they used all the space of the studio lot, but she wasn’t a fan of them going so close to them. Once again Howie declared that they’re an act that should advance to the next round as one of the five.

9:29 p.m.Daneliya Tuleshova smartly chose the Harry Styles song “Sign of the Times” for her performance, flipping a male vocalist song on its head with a female take. It lent itself easily to her deep voice, but also showed her bravery in taking on unconventional song choices. The judges gave her a standing ovation with Howie called her “beyond her years” for her control and star power. Sofia called it her favorite performance of the night and said the entire evening is being owned by the kids. Kenan was blown away and told her she has “such depth” in her soul.

9:40 p.m. – The judges returned to the outdoors to see Jonathan Goodwin perform what he called one of the most dangerous acts, “Trial by Fire.” He had Heidi come and inspect all of the contraptions for his act before beginning the performance so as to assure everyone that he would be stuck in place with only a safety to escape from certain death. In the act he locked his head in a box, handcuffed his hands and was rigged to a 20-second fire ring that would douse him in fire if he couldn’t escape before it burned him alive.

9:51 p.m. – Heidi called Jonathan “fully insane” and that there’s no way to not love what he does. Howie and Sofia thought it was stressful and legitimately dangerous so they enjoyed it as well.

9:54 p.m. – The final act of the night was Voices of Our City Choir of San Diego, but performing live from the AGT stage tonight. They created a new arrangement of “Stand by Me” that was entirely unique to them, providing ample time for a handful of solos as well as beautiful full chorus moments that completely filled the room. The judges called their performance a special moment and Sofia said she hopes that they get enough votes to move through because they give her chills and are what people need right now.

TOMORROW NIGHT: The results. Which five do you think will advance?

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