‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ jaw-dropper: Bars and Melody eliminated after getting X’ed by Howie Mandel [WATCH]

Rapping/singing act Bars and Melody, a fan favorite from “Britain’s Got Talent,” was jaw-droppingly eliminated during Monday’s fourth episode of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” Leondre “Bars” Devries and Charlie “Melody” Lenehan were just kids when they auditioned in front of Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon across the pond, eventually making it to third place in 2014. For their American debut on “The Champions,” the boys took on an original song that failed to impress the judges. In fact, Howie Mandel even slammed his hand down on his red “X” — how rude! Watch Bars and Melody’s performance video above.

“Here’s my thing,” Howie explained, “This is ‘Champions’ and that didn’t seem like a championship song. It didn’t seem like anything I haven’t seen before. That’s something I might watch on YouTube, but not really on a big stage.” Cue the boos from the studio audience.

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Alesha jumped in, “I’ve got history with you boys and I wish only good things for you. I think why Howie buzzed, the nerves were pouring out. Heidi and I turned to each other and we could feel your nerves. This is a big deal and I understand why you’re nervous.” Alesha then turned to Howie and noted, “I actually liked the song and I thought the song was really hooky.”

Heidi Klum also fell in line with the other party-poopers, stating, “I happen to agree. I’m sure normally you’re way better than what you just did. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me either, I’m sorry.”

As for Simon, he had a lot riding on this since Bars and Melody was his very first Golden Buzzer in the “Got Talent” franchise. “I remember that very, very first audition, your story, why you got the Golden Buzzer,” Simon began. “I’m frustrated that this audience tonight didn’t get to experience what we experienced all those years ago. However, we’re not the ones who are voting. It’s the superfans, so best of luck.”

In the end, the superfans chose not to advance Bars and Melody to the semi-finals, instead picking acrobats Sandou Trio Russian Bar and contortionist Strauss Serpent. The judges then used their save on child comedian JJ Pantano. Alesha’s Golden Buzzer pick was dance group Silhouettes.

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