Who was robbed on ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ episode 1: Dan Naturman, Jack Vidgen, Mike Yung … ? [POLL]

Episode 1 of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” Season 2 reintroduced 10 acts that earned worldwide acclaim thanks to the “Got Talent” stage, with four advancing further in the competition: singer Angelina Jordan as Heidi Klum‘s Golden Buzzer, aerialists Duo Transcend and magician Dania Diaz as the superfan picks, and entertainer Hans as the judges’ choice. Of the six acts who were eliminated — comedian Dan Naturman, strongman singer Eddie Williams, pop singer Jack Vidgen, dance crew Junior Creative, subway singer Mike Yung and dancers Paddy & Nicko — which one do YOU think was robbed? Vote in our poll below and then watch our exclusive video interviews with all 10 above.

In our interview, Dan confesses he’s gotten a lot “more work” thanks to being a finalist on “America’s Got Talent” 2014. The 49-year-old New York comedian opens up about Heidi’s previous comments about his stand-up routine that weren’t entirely positive, saying, “You try to separate that from the personal. She just felt that some of my jokes were offensive. I don’t agree that they were, but that was her opinion.” Dan also remarks that he doesn’t “anticipate” winning “The Champions” because comedy just doesn’t have the same “spectacle” as other competing acts.

Eddie compares “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” to “being invited to the Olympics.” This 29-year-old semifinalist from “Australia’s Got Talent” 2019 says his new competition is “the best of the best.” Eddie loves when people judge him for how he looks, proclaiming, “People see one thing and then get another thing.” The song he’ll perform on Monday’s episode has special meaning to him because, “I’m an ordinary guy that just does the little things every day, and that just makes me strong.”

Jack admits that winning “Australia’s Got Talent” 2011 was “kind of all a blur for me.” Now 22 years old, the singer prevailed when he was only 14, “that age where everything is a blur.” Jack chats about the biggest changes in his life since winning the show, including how he stopped singing and “went back to normality” a few years ago. “I’m excited for Americans to see my story and what I’ve been through,” he explains, before adding he’s “super nervous and super excited” to perform in front of Simon for the first time.

Junior Creative, a dance group between the ages of 16-24, are the winners of “Myanmar’s Got Talent” 2018. “We’re more than excited” about coming to “AGT: The Champions,” they tell us. “Honestly, we’ve never been to America and this is our first time here. We’re performing here abroad for the first time as well, so this is like a big thing for us.” After winning their version of the show, they’re proud to have their own dance studio and getting to work with UNICEF and perform in front of parliament.

“I didn’t believe it,” Mike exclaims about getting the call to appear on the spinoff series. The 59-year-old subway singer from New York stole America’s hearts when he appeared in the semifinals of “America’s Got Talent” 2017, but now he has a second chance at winning it all. Even if he doesn’t earn the ultimate title, “Being seen by 15 million people is a win-win situation,” he smiles. As for the song he’s chosen to sing on the “Champions” stage, Mike teases, “Some people go their whole life and never get to live out their dream, so I’m doing a song to let you evaluate your dream.”

Finally, Paddy (age 85) and Nicko (age 45) tell us about receiving the call to return to the franchise after previously making it to the semifinals of “France’s Got Talent” 2016. “It’s a great experience and good to be here,” she proclaims. Because of Paddy’s age it’s hard for them to work on their act over continuous hours, but after dancing together for 16 years they’ve found a routine that works for them. “Nicko is extremely considerate, so that’s the main thing,” notes Paddy.

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