Emmy spotlight: Stanley Tucci is magnificently evil as Bitsy in Apple TV+ ‘Central Park’

When it comes to being the most vile, hideous, dastardly new TV villain in the Emmy race, Bitsy (“Central Park” on AppleTV+) is a real winner. As voiced by Stanley Tucci – yes, Stanley Tucci – she’s a tiny, evil tornado of a New York tycoon with a monstrous scheme.

“I hate that park!” she growls while looking down at the leafy expanse beneath her penthouse. “It’s just a patch of dirt and weeds. We’re going to buy it and do the biggest real estate deal in the world! Central Park with a Gap and Dunkin’ Donuts! I’ll put a condo there and a condo there and a TGIF Friday’s there!”

Why would Bitsy ever want to spoil a celebrated spot of paradise? Well, let’s just say that Bitsy holds a few old grudges against a mean father and nanny who raised her, ex-schoolmates who spurned her and everyone in the world she’s met ever since.

“I’ll make ’em pay!” she promises in one of her big, glorious song-and-dance numbers in the animated musical series. “Pay for their sins. I’m totally ignored. No one sees my genius. I’d like to be adored. They won’t dismiss me! I’m Bitsy and ritzy!”

Oh, aren’t the greatest TV villains the ones who exult in their unbridled selfishness and greed?

Lucky for Tucci and “Central Park,” Emmy voters do think so, just based on winners of the voiceover awards in recent years, who include Harry Shearer as Mr. Burns in “The Simpsons,” Trey Parker as Eric Cartman in South Park” and Seth MacFarlane (three times) as Stewie Griffin in “Family Guy.” All of those monsters had extravagant song-and-dance drills. Now consider the fantastically hideous new Bitsy: Watch her highlights clip reel above.

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