Baby Yoda (‘Mandalorian’) cuteness overload: Top 15 reasons you love this ‘Star Wars’ icon

Love him or hate him … wait, no one hates Baby Yoda. We all adore this cute green 50-year-old child. “Star Wars” has always been known for its vast array of alien characters. Some we hang in the back of our car windows, while some we pretend never existed (looking at you, Jar Jar Binks). The 2019 Disney Plus TV series “The Mandalorian” may have found “Star Wars’” most lovable character yet, Baby Yoda. With so many questions surrounding his backstory and his future, we cannot help twitch in our seats waiting for more. As we count down the days to Season 2, check out these pictures above of the Top 15 reasons you love Baby Yoda.

Disney Plus debuted to record numbers on November 12 with “The Mandalorian” being the newest live-action “Star Wars” series. The eight-episode first season stars Emmy contender Pedro Pascal as Mando/Din Djarin, a bounty hunter who finds himself in all kinds of trouble when he takes a job involving Baby Yoda. Even though Mando’s job was to deliver the child to his client, he soon decides to protect it from the galaxy’s evil forces. Other recurring cast members include Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Taika Waititi, Gina Carano and Amy Sedaris.

“The Mandalorian” has a MetaCritic score of 70 based on 29 reviews counted thus far: 23 positive, 6 mixed, 0 negative. Over at Rotten Tomatoes, which classifies reviews as simply positive or negative as opposed to MC’s sliding scale of 0-100, the series is rated 93% fresh.

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Marvel director Jon Favreau created “The Mandalorian” based on George Lucas‘ “Star Wars” universe, though it doesn’t feature any of Lucas’ original characters. To be clear, Baby Yoda is the fan name given to the 50-year-old infant who’s of the same unnamed species as iconic character Yoda. The child has yet to be given an official name.

Disney Plus ordered a second season of “The Mandalorian,” which is expected to stream in October 2020. Our fingers are crossed that Baby Yoda returns in the new episodes in all his cute glory.

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