Why Oscar predictions expert Tariq Khan bets on ‘Parasite’ to win Best Picture

“This is soooo tough!” gasps savvy Oscars expert Tariq Khan about predicting the Best Picture race. “I feel this is a coin toss between ‘Parasite’ and ‘1917.’

“My head tells me ‘1917,” he adds in our podcast chat. Listen below. “It won the Golden Globe, PGA, BAFTA. It’s the usual type of Best Picture winner and everyone likes it. But my heart tells me that ‘Parasite’ can do it. I feel there’s a real admiration for ‘1917,’ but there’s real love for ‘Parasite.’ It all comes down to that preferential ballot.”

See Tariq’s latest Oscar predictions here. See how his Best Picture rankings compare to those of 34 other Experts. Pay attention. Tariq often beats the other Gold Derby pundits as he did when picking the Golden Globe film champs a few weeks ago. He recently came in second behind Joyce Eng when forecasting the Oscar nominations.

Do you disagree with the Experts’ calls? Make your predictions and see if you can beat the pros and more than 7,000 other Oscar fans making their picks at Gold Derby. Here’s your big chance to prove that you are the best prognosticator in the entertainment biz.

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