Top 10 best ‘Survivor’ alliances of all time, including Black Widow Brigade and Aitu Four

You can’t make it far in “Survivor” without a strong alliance. Since the first season of CBS’s reality TV show, alliances have been an important part of the game. Some have been glorious, others have imploded spectacularly. Here is our list of the Top 10 most successful alliances of all time (see above). All had at least three members, all had iconic characters, all went the distance and all produced a winner. These 10 are simply the best.

Stealth R Us (“Survivor: Redemption Island”)
Boston Rob’s tribe entered the merge with numbers and then always stayed in control. This is arguably the most dominant alliance in the show’s history. Boston Rob employed a “buddy system” where members could not be alone when talking with people from the other alliance. He also created division by not allowing the other alliance to sleep in the nice part of the shelter. The alliance went all the way to the final five with Boston Rob, Phillip and Natalie being the final three. In his fourth time playing, Rob was able to finally win the game through the strength of this alliance, earning a place among the game’s greats. Other members of the alliance were Andrea, Ashley and Grant.

Original Tagi Alliance (“Survivor: Borneo”)
Where it all began. The OG alliance. Richard, Rudy, Sue and Kelly. It was these four that figured out voting as an alliance was the best way to win the game. And these were the final four. It set the stage for how this game would be played, placing strategy at the show’s heart. Richard won and the rest is history.

The Black Widow Brigade (“Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites”)
The most iconic alliance in Survivor history. Cirie, Amanda and Parvati Shallow formed bonds early on in the “Favorites” camp, with Alexa and Natalie doing the same with the “Fans.” When tribes merged they all came together and these five women spun the men in their webs. They blindsided an idol wielding Ozzy. They were forced to turn on each other in at the final six because Erik won immunity. But at the final five in one of the biggest moves in “Survivor” history they convinced Erik to give up his immunity necklace so they could vote him out of the game. Parvati and Amanda made it to the end, where Parvati won. The only reason this is not number one on the list is because they had to keep Amanda out of the loop to execute the Ozzy blindside.

Aitu Four (“Survivor: Cook Islands”)
In Cook Islands a “mutiny” twist was introduced where any player could swap tribes. When Jonathan and Candice jumped ship, the Aitukai tribe had only four remaining members: Yul Kwon, Ozzy, Sundra and Becky. They were able to win all remaining immunity challenges that kept them intact. And despite going into the merge at a numbers disadvantage, Ozzy was able to dominate the immunity challenges and Yul was able to strategically strong arm the castaways. They were the final four and Yul beat Ozzy by one vote to take out the title of Sole Survivor. More than any other alliance this group was able to outwit, outplay and outlast to the very end.

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