‘Big Brother 22’: Cody Calafiore is the favorite to win, but can the jury forgive all the blood on his hands?

As of this writing, Cody Calafiore is still the odds-on favorite to winBig Brother 22” and top the second full cast of All-Stars. Cody first played the game in season 16 and placed second as part of one of the strongest alliances in history. This time he once again played within a large alliance, but without Derrick Levasseur around to make all the decisions, Cody stepped up to the plate and did the work for himself. Did he do enough to earn the jury’s respect and their votes?

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If Kevin Campbell has any sway, his own vote won’t be the only one Cody is unlikely to get. Cody also managed to damage a personal friendship with Dani Briones when he didn’t even throw a pity vote her way when she was up against their alliance member Nicole Franzel in the historic triple eviction episode. But Dani did remark that she still respects his game and thinks he deserves to win.

The reason Cody is in a precarious position with so many of the jurors is because he’s has the most power throughout the season, winning three Head of Household and three Power of Veto comps in total. As such there is much more blood on his hands than Nicole or Enzo Palumbo have — they each only won HOH once. Cody also managed to make a lot of players in the house trust him and believe that they were his tightest alliance, but by now they’re aware that he was always much closer to Nicole and Enzo. That is the kind of bitter pill it’s hard for Dani to swallow, while Kevin sees Cody as a player who begins the game from a place of privilege and things always go his way.

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After this week — when either Memphis Garrett or Christmas Abbott is evicted — Cody is set up nicely to make it to the final three, and the most likely person to be brought along to the final two (if he doesn’t win that final HOH for himself). Cody is in a “Wise Guys” alliance with Memphis and Enzo, a tight final two based on their New Jersey roots with Enzo, and has been working with Nicole since day 1. Christmas is the only one Cody hasn’t played closely with and might not choose him to accompany her to the finals, but 3-1 odds is better than any of the rest can boast at this point.

Realistically, we should expect to see Cody in the final two chairs on finale night — the bigger question is who will he choose to bring if she wins the final HOH and will he do more damage to his jury management in the process? Can’t wait to find out.

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